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Idle thoughts of a crazed princess

Posted by pauaprincess on February 3, 2007

Well, this is my first posting, who am I? Who really knows?  I’m 39 and don’t feel old enough to be, mind you I only turned 39 in January so I am not really used to it yet.  Truth be told, I don’t feel old enough to be married and have children, let alone have grey hair, I mean I’d really quite like to have a peirced belly button and wear crop tops, I just don’t think my stretch marks go with the look. 

My kids look to me to answer all their questions, much the same as I did my parents, I never realised they didn’t know all the answers, they did a pretty good job of convincing me they did. 

So who am I? An 18 yr old, trapped in the body of a 39 yr old, with responsibilities I don’t always know I can fulfil, trying my best to keep it all together and present myself to the world at large as a responsible wife and mother holding down a job and running a household with consumate ease.  What a joke!  If only they knew, I run around like a headless chicken most days, trying to get the kids to school, myself to work and keep enough stuff in the freezer to feed us all.

I’m a Princess, at least that is what my husband says… in a nice way not a bad way, he treats me like a princess, when he feels like it.

I do like photography, every now and then I get my shit together and I go out sans family to take photos.  If I take them with me, I feel bad about them all standing around while I indulge myself trying to take the perfect shot.  My husband is awfully indulgent though, accompanies me at night because I worry about going out alone, you can’t get the perfect nightshot and be aware of your surroundings at the same time.  It’s difficult to schedule a night without kids when he is home.

I also post to message boards, I know I am an opinionated person and I like to share my views.  Which is what brought me here.

More when I think of it….


2 Responses to “Idle thoughts of a crazed princess”

  1. bee said

    nice one. looking forward to your posts and photos.

  2. Thankee kindly. Looking at yours, I just hope I can aspire to the same 🙂

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