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4th Best place to live

Posted by pauaprincess on February 4, 2007

From this mornings NZ herald

New Zealand has been named 4th best place in the world, behind France, The Netherlands and Australia.  Apparently it’s difficult to get residency here and in Australia otherwise we’d be higher.  My personal thought, NZ is better than Oz but that’s just because we have water!


9 Responses to “4th Best place to live”

  1. ggwfung said

    Hey mate, we’ve still got the best cricketers.



  2. True, you rock at cricket, but that’s the only green you’ll see in Oz right now, on your cricketers uniforms 🙂 Watching the 7’s?

  3. ggwfung said

    Hey, I like drinking recycled sewerage. Good for the teeth.

    7’s you mean rugby? I’m waiting for the Warriors to get relegated this year.

    you do have nice cricket grounds.


  4. ewwwwww! Come have some fresh rainwater from our overfull dam 🙂 I can’t believe Rugby season has started and it’s February. Warriors miss Stacy, they need a leader and relegation is deserved.

  5. bee said

    the roos and the kiwis are at it again. :-))))

  6. Lol ockers are our staunchest allies and our biggest detractors and vice versa for kiwis, we love to hate em and they love to hate us, but let a third party come along and pick on either, you’ve gotta fight us both.

  7. Myra said


    Can you advise from what perspective this is written?

  8. Ahhh the news paper link has been removed. It was an article in the paper, written from an international viewpoint following an overseas survey covering all first world countries. The survey took into account all sorts of different aspects including climate, pollution, lifestyle etc and included the ability to attain permanent residency.

  9. Yadu Singh said

    NZ is the most beautiful place to live. Transparency International [TI] has scored it as number 1 for honesty. I have lived in NZ before and found it a great place. I moved back to OZ for family reasons. Kia Ora to all Kiwis. Yadu Singh, Sydney and

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