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Drugs Don’t work

Posted by pauaprincess on February 4, 2007

Had a call from my father this morning, the usual catch up seeing as they live far away.  Latest news: Apparently my older brother is up there.  He and his wife are divorcing, it seems they’ve been heavily into crystal meth, P as it’s known down under.  He’s a mess, she’s a mess.  They’ve mortgaged the house to the hilt in order to support their habits.  Two little kids involved and now he can’t work, he’s with my parents to come down and detox.  Basically he’s hit rock bottom.

I’m not going to excuse him he’s 40 yrs old, they brought it on themselves but oh how they have wrecked their lives.  At least he’s hit bottom.  She is still going.  What happens if those kids get hurt or they are neglected in her care?  At least now people are keeping an eye on the situation now and see it for what it is.

I’ve already lost one sibling to P, the younger sister who not only got addicted to it, she sold it, made it and even after her arrest and court case, continues to hang out with those who make it, sell it and take it.  My parents don’t believe she takes it anymore.  I do, from work I know you don’t just stop and still hang out with addicts/sellers.   I stay away.  I don’t want my kids around that, I don’t want them within cooee of those people and I can’t afford to be associated with them, not with my job.

This has torn our family apart and continues to rip at the fabric of family life.  It’s such a selfish thing to do.

At least my brother can be supported, my parents are there for him and how bad must it be to have to turn to your parents at 40 because you’ve completely stuffed your life up?  I feel for him, he’s trying to get right, he’s talking all the right talk and making all the right moves.  The sister is a lost cause.  I’m sure she’s a sociopath, caring only about herself and what she can get out of life, never thinking of others and the effect she has.

This blows chunks.  It’s an epidemic here, not just shady types are affected, you can’t turn around without hearing about someones family member being an addict.  Society has changed and for the worse.  NZ has to unite to stamp out P.

Cads for those who want to kick their habit.  Or those who need support because someone they know has one.


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