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The Ugly American

Posted by pauaprincess on February 4, 2007

Lately I have been hanging around the fringes of an American based political forum and amongst the wonderful friends I have made posting there, I’ve also encountered the famed Ugly American.

The level of ignorance of the world outside the shores of the USA is truely frightening.  How a country where it seems the majority attend college can be completely geographically and politically ignorant astounds this lesser mortal.  For instance, did you know America has a patent on democracy!  Yes, the land of the Patriot Act and the stolen election, has a better democratic system than anywhere else in the free world!! Here is a quote:

“That is the BIG difference between the United States and all other countries in the world. We have a system of checks and balances that are in place that will and does allow OUR system to correct itself.”

When pressed to explain why and how, the Ugly American will resort to labelling you a Hater of all things American, Jealous of America or simply ignore you.  These ignorami actually believe that the rest of us live in some sort of democratic wilderness, merely voting for shit and giggles because we have no real political voice, only they do.  Their brand of democracy needs to be impressed upon the rest of us, so we can be free, like them!

In addition, we can’t possibly have equal let alone superior medical care, state services or culture out here in the world.  Maybe best not to remind them a Kiwi split the atom, they’ll wonder how fuzzy fruit did that.

The Ugly American judges all his countrymen on their level of patriotism.  Apparently, in the land of the free,  exercising the right of free speech to disagree with the current administration is being unsupportive of the war on terror and therefore unpatriotic.  As they descend to hitherto unknown depths of stupid to reinforce their view and extol the virtues of the current Government, they’ll even throw treason into the mix. 

Yes the Ugly American is alive and well, flourishing on the internet in chatrooms and bulletin boards.  I’d believed with the advent of the internet, opening vistas, they’d been rendered extinct.  Alas no.

You know out here in the world, I like my life.  I have access to good medical care for free, I can vote for the candidate of my choice under MMP and the party of my choice, we only have 1 house not two in parliament, the Prime Minister doesn’t hold power of veto over any proposed legislation.  I live in a country that is trying to make the world a peaceful place, we are aiming to meet the Kyoto Protocol and we have a strong economy with a good standard of living.  We have a unique culture and we don’t want the American dream foist upon us. 


4 Responses to “The Ugly American”

  1. bee said

    i hear ya.

  2. No reasoning with the logic lol.

  3. ggwfung said

    also the “Loud American” if you’ve ever been on a bus with one …



  4. Yeah what is with that? The concept of inside voices is alive and well there, I’ve seen Barney. Why do they all shout?

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