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American’s apologise for Eldon Anderson

Posted by pauaprincess on February 14, 2007

It’s been a few days now since Eldon Anderson spoke to ITN about the unfortunate death in a friendly fire incident of Lance Corporal of the horse Matty Hull.  Since then he has issued a non apology and spoken to the Idaho Statesman about his comments.

“My comments were not against the people themselves, it’s against the foreign policy of Europe today, of not really helping us in the war on terror,” Anderson said. “I have the same problem with our own government, but not our military. They are the greatest people I know, and I thank God we have them.”

Really Eldon? That’s not what it sounded like when you said “And you guys better get on board and that whole damn country of yours along with the rest of Europe. ”

Sounds like you were referring to not just England or the UK but Continental Europe to boot.  But maybe he thinks Europe is a country.

Anderson told the Idaho Statesman his comments stemmed from anger with British reporters hanging out in his West Boise neighborhood trying to talk to his neighbor, one of the pilots who reportedly flew the A-10 mission that resulted in the friendly fire death.

Ok cos American reporters don’t behave that way huh!

You can view the apologies from his fellow Citizens of Idaho here At least we can take comfort in knowing, not all American’s subscribe to Eldon’s views.  And Eldon? Well you can view his apology here Decide for yourself if he’s sorry for what he said or if he’s sorry for the backlash.  Let me know what you decide.


4 Responses to “American’s apologise for Eldon Anderson”

  1. bee said

    idahoan and boise resident here. that guy is a moron and full of it. unfortunately, there are many like him.


  2. They never interview anyone intelligent, I guess cos intelligent ppl don’t allow themselves to get into those positions.

  3. Best Home said

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  4. Thank you 🙂

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