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Valentines Day Kiwi Style

Posted by pauaprincess on February 14, 2007

Lovers I took this image yesterday, an unknown couple on the beach with a beautiful sunset, a suitable image for V day.

So far, nothing for me for Valentines, but then hubby didn’t wake me when he left this morning and neither did the kids.  I gave hubby his last night, knowing I would most likely not see him this morning, a rose and a bunny carrying a heart, trite but the rose was made up of a red lacy g-string lol.

So what exactly is Valentines day?  When I was a child it wasn’t exactly a feature on the calender, much like Halloween which in recent years has become popular.  I put it down to my generation having much more exposure to American culture than the baby boomers.  I read about V day in Judy Blume novels, I watched the Cosby’s and Full house kids dress for Halloween and worry about their lack of V day cards.  Hallmark saw the change and cashed in.  Still, I wonder if Hubby will remember…

Today’s Herald has a full feature on Love.  From the inter office relationship to some V day hater gluing up the locks on florists doors in the ritziest neighbourhoods in Auckland, someones version of Bah Humbug I guess.  There’s even an article urging me to get a Valentines Vasectomy… ouch, that would put a crimp in the celebrations I would have thought!  The dateless young farmers of Hamilton (yes Hamilton, cow capital of NZ) want the women to put down the glass and put on some class! Please, if they changed out of their gumboots occasionally they might get a woman!

More as it happens…. Watch this space.


2 Responses to “Valentines Day Kiwi Style”

  1. Hamilton Florists

    I don’t agree with you in 100%, but you covered some good points regarding this topic

  2. Thanks, your comment got caught by the spam monster but I recovered it cos I like flowers and Hamiltron rocks 🙂

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