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Is Iran arming Iraq?

Posted by pauaprincess on February 15, 2007

George W Bush would have us believe so.  He says he has proof and what’s more, He’s going to do something about it!!  Excuse my disbelief, but isn’t this the same President who told the world, Iraq has WMD’s, didn’t he prove it back in 2002, before he invaded Iraq?

What we have here, is a complete lack of credibility.  George W couldn’t lie straight in bed.  What he has is proof of things made in Iran, being used in Iraq.  Are we going to invade America on the basis that weapons made in America have been used all over the world to kill and maim?

George W doesn’t even have the backing of his own advisors.

So are we going to let this bozo call out Iran and go on another oil grab?  When are American’s going to say enough and do something about Bush?


2 Responses to “Is Iran arming Iraq?”

  1. ggwfung said

    there was a game plan laid out straight after 9/11. It went Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran. The final piece is yet to play out, and (luckily!) I don’t think it has much chance of doing so.

    Let’s hope Ahmadinejad (I cut and pasted his name BYW 🙂 doesn’t do something extraordinarily stupid.


  2. Agree totally, don’t forget Syria.

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