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More From Eldon, he still doesn’t get it does he?

Posted by pauaprincess on February 19, 2007

What did I say?

The British media, the BBC, The Sun and many others invaded our neighborhood investigating a story on friendly fire as if it was intentional and covered up. They were on my property uninvited. They were looking for a close neighbor of mine. They settled for me.

After wading through them like crickets on a hot summer day for at least 48 hours one reporter finally pushed the right button. I let him have it. They published an impromptu statement. But they published the parts they wanted not the entire statement. Our press does the same so why be surprised.

They used my words of sucking your thumb during WWII. They conveniently left out the blame of all this thumb sucking was aimed at their foreign policy, dating to 1938 when their prime minister signed the Munich Pack with Hitler, a stroke of appeasement with a despot, only giving Hitler another year to ramp up his military and sign a non aggression pact with Stalin. Then about a year later Hitler went into Poland. And it was only then that Britian and France declared war. Up until that time appeasement was rampant all over Europe with regard to Hitler who took office around 1933. I also addressed this to the whole of Europe in general. I used history way back to WWII because I felt that was the last time we were on the brink of catastrophe.

This is the thanks we “Yanks” get for helping out in WWII, which in effect stopped Hitler, and then we stayed for decades staring down the U.S S.R.

Stalin had the same design for all of Europe as did Hitler, to own it. Stalin failed because we stayed with troops and weapons for decades. If that was not enough we came with our check book in hand and rebuilt the war torn region. The transfer of wealth from the United States was massive and I think heretofore unprecedented.

Now Europe and much of the world including some in our country is hot on the appeasement trail. Pull out, run, phase out, redeploy etc. History seems to be of no guide.

We didn’t pull out when we lost over 4000 Marines in about a month on Iwo Jima. We didn’t stop and pull out of WWII when we spent ourselves to near bankruptcy. We spent around 12 Trillion (with a T) dollars in today’s dollars during that period. That was called a World War, life and death situation, etc. I humbly describe our current situation as a World War that could last for decades.

How many 9-11s and or near misses do we need before we get the message that these folks are serious? Our elimination is their goal, they say it.

Eldon Anderson


Now, while I can appreciate the nuisance value of a gaggle of reporters ambushing you every time you leave the house, it’s no excuse to offend half the world.

“They used my words of sucking your thumb during WWII. They conveniently left out the blame of all this thumb sucking was aimed at their foreign policy, dating to 1938 when their prime minister signed the Munich Pack with Hitler”

Well first and foremost Eldon, it’s a pact not a pack, and it was actually the Munich Agreement.  If you are going to quote history perhaps it would pay to actually have some scholastic knowledge of it first, rather than the memories of your late relatives?  Neville Chamberlain aka “their Prime Minister” signed a resolution in addition to the Munich agreement, to resolve all problems through peaceful means, surely a noble effort though probably one American’s like Eldon wouldn’t understand, especially as peace was important to the British in light of the losses of the first World War. 

When Chamberlain returned he made the now famous Peace in our time speech.  To term a peaceful effort for  problem resolution and diplomacy as “thumb sucking” is surely not just ignorant but aggressive and devisive. 

Britain and France declared war because Poland was their ally.  What did the good US do Eldon? They made money out of the ensuing war, lots of it.  Britain finished paying off their war loans last November, 2006 and the war ended in 1945.  So you want to talk about the trillions with a T that the USA spent? Lets talk about the money the USA raked from Britain!  Then the good ol boys in the USA sat on their isolationist tuffs until, Japan attacked Pearl Harbour.  It may surprise Eldon to know that the USA never declared war on Germany.

If we are now embroiled in a World War that could last decades Eldon, look to your leader, in a vernacular you might just understand, He started it!

Now Eldon should just shut up, keep himself to himself and quit chomping on his toes, he’s making not merely himself, but his country appear ignorant, ungrateful and aggressive.  This in particular…

“If offended any of you thin skinned and most proper Brits out there with my remarks please don’t take offense. You were just part of the bate(sic), I needed the headline. But on the other hand if the shoe fits wear it. “

It’s all about Eldon, Eldon, Eldon isn’t it?


2 Responses to “More From Eldon, he still doesn’t get it does he?”

  1. ggwfung said

    so many guns, so few people to shoot

    it’s a serious issue, and I apologise for being irreverent, but the term “friendly fire” is a farce in itself.


  2. True and the scary thing is the US Army lowered it’s standards to hit recruiting goals, look forward to more of the same.

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