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Blair to announce start of Iraq exit

Posted by pauaprincess on February 21, 2007

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Finally!  It’s been 3 years or more since Bush announced the war was won, soldiers are still dying and Iraq is in turmoil.  It’s people worse off in some cases than they were under the Saddam Hussein Regime. 

Even a staged withdrawl at this point is not going to improve matters in Iraq.  The Government, despite “free elections” doesn’t have the strength of will to keep order and I am predicting a coup when the coalition finally leaves.  It’s just a matter of who will take control and when, not if.

My next question, what has prompted this?  Tony Blair’s star has been on descent for some time, he’s already all but given up leadership of his party.  Is this an effort to keep them in power at the next election?  Is this an I want to finish what I started move on Blairs behalf? Perhaps Eldon Anderson finally settled the matter.

Ideasman wrote just yesterday (Click to read) about either Bush, Blair or Howard being out of power within the next 3 months.  Blair announced at the end of last year that he’ll be leaving by March.  Howard is scoring so low in the latest electoral polls that he barely rates a blip. 

The real coup would be in unseating the pResident of the USA.  I know there has been talk of impeaching.  I can’t believe it hasn’t been done yet.  Clinton got impeached for an affair, yet Bush drags them into an illegal invasion and a war sorry police action (only Congress can declare war despite the War on Terra invocations by Bush) that cannot be won and still he sits there!  Bush as CIC is keeping thousands captive, without charge and without access to legal representation or tribunal, still he sits there.

Oh and another thought occurs, what is the White House doing announcing this withdrawl, before Blair has spoken to Parliament? 


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