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Earthquakes and Volcanoes Oh my!

Posted by pauaprincess on February 21, 2007

Although earthquakes are a common occurrence in parts of New Zealand, they are not a common occurrence in Auckland, where I live.  Tonight we’ve had 3.  It all started around 8.30pm with a 3.7 in the Hauraki Gulf, about 6 kms deep, then around 9.00pm a 4.5 in the same spot 15 kms deep.  At 11.30 3.8, same spot and 7kms down.   Can you believe that since 1830 we have only had 10 of this type of earthquake and tonight we had 3?


2699813gm1.pngI never felt a blessed thing!  None of us here did, the local council call centre was inundated with calls, as were emergency services.  How come we didn’t feel it?  No plates rattled, no glasses clinked, everything in my cupboards is where it was, nothing has moved in my china cabinet….  Check out the website for geonet

Just to add to the mix, three of our most volatile volcanoes are on level 1 alert, bothWhite Island and Ruapehu have increases in their crater lake temperatures.  The crater lake at Ruapehu is in imminent danger of breaching, causing a lahar to roll down the mountain.  Last time that happened was Christmas Eve 1953, the Tangiwai disaster was the result, the Lahar took out the railway bridge at Tangiwai, just before the Auckland-Wellington night express train reached it.  The train plunged into the river at Tangiwai causing the deaths of 151 people.

So, what does Mother Nature have in store for us?  A new volcano is predicted to form in the Hauraki Gulf sometime this millennium….

Added at 02:09

Now I can’t sleep at all, what if a really big one hits and I sleep thru it?  I could wake up and find the roof on my bed!!!


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