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A world without America

Posted by pauaprincess on February 23, 2007

I was surfing around and found the following video on Utube.  Watch this….

Oookay, everybody sing the propoganda song!  I for one believe this is tasteless, unadultered rubbish.  

A world without America would be a world with less freedom? Really, can you protest in America these days, exercise your rights to free speech? 

A world without medical advances, ummm those disposable syringes they picture were invented in NZ, Dr Christian Barnard of South Africa pioneered heart transplants, ya think there are a few Doctors and Specialists out here in the world who are offended by that?  Sure you came up with medication for aids, what about sharing it with the third world?

A world without Israel, well only because you provide their weaponry, how about getting back to helping them to live peacefully?

A world without America would be a poorer world, well it may surprise American’s to know that on a per capita basis, poorer nations with less people GIVE more funding to 3rd world nations and to aid in disasters than America does.

A world without America would be a world held to ransom by tyrants; Ummm how many tyrants have they knocked out lately? Lets see, just the one.  Shall we talk about North Korea, Zimbabwe, Rwanda etc etc etc.  Oh yeah no oil in those nations.

So anyone got any suggestions to what a world without America could really really be like?


2 Responses to “A world without America”

  1. less pollution, maybe?

  2. Maybe, but there’d always be another super power.

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