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British Prince Deployed to Iraq, hey George where’s yours?

Posted by pauaprincess on February 23, 2007

3rd in line to the British throne, princeharry.jpgPrince Harry is off to Iraq.  As a Cornet in the Blues and Royals Regiment, he leads a group of 12 men in a Scimitar Armoured Vehicle.

I see advantages and disadvantages.  On the plus side, you wouldn’t catch George W Bush sending his kids off to war, in fact I imagine it would be hard to find any children of high ranking political officials from the USA serving in Iraq.  To allow an heir to the British throne, a Prince of the Commonwealth to serve on active duty, well perhaps America could learn something from that.  Let’s just hope they don’t shoot him, blue on blue on a blueblood could sever ties with their greatest ally forever.  Hey Eldon tell your hero friends to learn to communicate prior to shooting, we want our Prince to come back alive! 

The Prince allegedly threatened to quit the Army if they didn’t allow him to deploy on active service and who can blame him?  Either you are IN the Army or you aren’t.  Although it’s traditional and for most royals, they serve largely as figureheads, it’s nice to know they are down to earth enough to do their duty.  As a member nation of the Commonwealth, a country who counts the Queen as our leader, I for one am proud of the Prince, despite the war he’s going to.

On the other hand, security nightmare!  What a coup for the Iraqi insurgents, they could take out a royal.

Still, it’s not the first time in recent history a royal has gone to war.  During the Falklands War, Prince Andrew then 3rd in line to the throne, flew helicopters in active service.  That was back in 82.  During WW1 King George the 6th saw active service in France.

So come George W, stump up with a kid to go to war, put your kid where your mouth is!

On the homefront; The ban on parental smacking has passed it’s second reading in Parliament.

This is the law that will remove the “reasonable force” defense for parents who spank their children.  To my mind all this will do is prevent honest parents who obey the law as a whole from breaking the law.  The children of such parents were never in danger.  It is not going to protect children who’s parents use insane measures of physical assault and kill them.  Parents who beat their children to death, literally are not going to be the types who drive to the speed limit, who don’t burgle their neighbours houses and fight at the pub.  These people are not law abiding citizens who go a little too far, these people are criminals and an anti spanking law won’t stop them.  It also removes restraint as an option, which in essence means, when you are forcing your anti car seat toddler into the carseat and strapping it in, some nosey old busy body in the supermarket car park can report you to the Police.  Which law are you going to break?

This law like the Children and Young Persons Act is merely an erosion of parental power and the power of the Law.  Parent’s are held liable for their childrens actions, yet parents have minimal rights to control them.  By taking away lawful punishments for unlawful actions, the Children and Young Persons Act is harming the people it is meant to protect. 

Back in the dark ages when I was a child, Truancy officers patrolled the streets dragging waggers back to school, Borstal (kiddy jail) was something we discussed in hushed whispers, the prospect of which filled us with horror, there was always the idea that if we did something wrong, our parents might spank us. In short, the whole prospect of consequences for our actions gave us pause for thought.  We had to look after younger siblings till Mum and Dad got home from work, peel the vegetables, get dinner started and generally slowly learn the responsibilities of life.  All of that is now considered Abuse. 

Well apparently I was abused but I grew up to be a productive human being, with children who at this stage, believe I have the power to spank them, the power to hand them over to the law to deal with and that there are consequences to their actions.  I just hope they don’t learn the truth until it’s too late and they’ve become productive, law abiding citizens themselves.


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