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An Answer to a World Without America

Posted by pauaprincess on February 24, 2007

I’ve had a look at a few video answers to yesterdays youtube propoganda offering A world without America.  This one in my humble opinion is the best.

America has a lot to be proud of, I agree.  But so do many other countries in the world, we all contribute in our own way but most of us don’t blow our own trumpet loud and long as America does.  We don’t see ourselves as great benefactors when we send millions in aid to a country in strife, even though per capita, each person in our country gives more than every person in America. 

For all America has to be proud of, there is an equal amount for America can be ashamed of. 

It’s been obvious since Bob Geldof and Midge Ure began Band Aid.  The British Pop Stars sang Feed the World.  The American Pop Stars sang We ARE the world.  America is not the world, America is part of the world and you need to start acting like it and stop trying to rule the rest of us.


2 Responses to “An Answer to a World Without America”

  1. Omar Kamel said

    lol @ ‘The American Pop Stars sang We ARE the world.’ 🙂


  2. Yes, it kind of struck me that initially we, the world at large took their message the wrong way. I read some of your posts on religion. Interesting and informative.

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