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James and the Jesus Grave : Is Christianity sunk?

Posted by pauaprincess on March 1, 2007

 NZ Director James Cameron of Titanic fame has unveiled27coffins160×2101.jpg two Ossuary purported to contain the remains of Christ and Mary Magdelene.  Using DNA and the names on the boxes, he is citing proof of Jesus grave.  Big news.  10  coffins were found in all and six of the coffins had inscriptions which, when translated into English, said “Jesus son of Joseph”, twice “Maria”, and “Judah son of Jesus”.

If it is true, this puts paid to the story of the ressurection.  According to Christianity, Jesus was physically resurrected on the 3rd day and shouldn’t therefore be buried anywhere.  Christian’s the world over are rebuffing the claims. 

While the evidence is flimsy, I mean seriously, who’s dna are they going to compare to? The Sinclairs of Da Vinci Code fame? It’s more actual proof than Christians have of the resurrection.

Why are Christians so opposed to the idea of Jesus as a human being?  Why does he have to be a mystical being, celebate and aloof? Why are they so opposed to science?  Because science and logic replace faith?  Surely if their God is so all knowing and wise, as the human race evolved he would allow tools to assist in understanding the Universe?  How is the big bang theory at odds with creationalist belief? Could an omnipotent God not cause a big bang?  Are mere human beings too unworthy and stupid to be worshipped for their wisdom and kindness toward their fellow man?  Just what is it that devalues Jesus by making him human?

Fundamentalists, be they Christian, Jew, Islam or Hare Krishna to my mind are dangerous, they attempt to halt progress through science and education, they attempt to subvert free thought and exploration.

All the major faiths in the world today, Judaism, Christianity and Islam share a common thread with a single God.  Instead of looking at the commonalities and celebrating them, fundamentalists each claim to be of the only true faith and crusade against the others, highlighting the differences and fighting wars because of them.  Meanwhile their leaders profit from their blind faith.

I say lets abolish faith based religion, it’s too dangerous.


5 Responses to “James and the Jesus Grave : Is Christianity sunk?”

  1. Meg said

    Hey I’m a Christian and don’t have a problem with Jesus being human – it’s scriptual ‘He was made flesh’ and all of that, plus I’m married to a scientist and he’s a Christian too…..thing is, Christians are like shoes and come in all different shapes, colours and sizes, I have no more in common with a fundie than you do, it’s when you use your faith to beat other people up with, metaphorically speaking, that you become faithless, IMHO. Exception being the money changers in the temple obviously, they had it coming to them 😉

  2. I agree and I don’t mean to generalise but it’s very hard not to. I think of myself as Christian, as my core belief, but I don’t have a problem with anyone else not being a Christian and I like to explore other beliefs. It’s the dyed in the wool fundies that make it difficult for everyone, doesn’t matter what religion they are.

  3. J said

    “Fundamentalists, be they Christian, Jew, Islam or Hare Krishna to my mind are dangerous, they attempt to halt progress through science and education, they attempt to subvert free thought and exploration.”

    However that is a distortion of the process of
    God consciousness and we should consider these
    people no more to be followers than anyone else
    who is not a member of a particular group.
    Krishna consciousness, for example, promotes
    the progress fo science, education, free-thought
    and exploration by definition. Anyone going
    against this has no relation to the tradition
    other than in name.

  4. panoramia said

    If they found indisputable proof of Jesus’s grave (and I do mean absolutely indisputable) it is still a no-contest.
    Christianity has long since exceeded the critical mass (!) required for unstoppable momentum.

    If JC Themselves (all three of Him) were to front up at the Vatican and say “I’m back! You’re a bunch of hypocrites and I’m disbanding the show, go on, hoppit” the Swiss Guard would promptly pounce and gallop Him down to the deepest dungeon. He would quietly disappear …

    As I say, “You cannot stop an idea whose time has come”. Unfortunately.

  5. Oh yes. If JC did come back, he’d be sectioned to the loony bin as soon as he opened his mouth these days. For all Christians know, Jesus was a victim of electro shock therapy at Kingseat or Cherry Farm in the 60s and has been and gone.

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