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USA accused of disappearing prisoners

Posted by pauaprincess on March 1, 2007

Thirty Eight prisoners, kidnapped from their homes and countries, transported away to undisclosed, overseas destinations, held and tortured at the hands of the CIA are unaccounted for.  I was brought up to believe that things like this happened only in countries controlled by dictators, Atl05103lg.jpgrgentina, Kampuchea and the like. Remember world outrage about the disappeared? The subsequent discovery of mass graves? Is the USA going to leave a similar legacy from it’s War on Terror?

George W Bush has stated the USA does not torture, yet we have evidence that it does, more evidence than he supplies that they don’t, which is merely his word, more evidence than he has of Iran supplying Iraqi insurgents as it happens.  Does anyone outside the USA actually believe George W.  anymore?  Should we?

Further to this….

The United States has refused to meet any request by Italy to extradite 26 Americans, most of which are believed to be CIA agents, to stand trial in relation to the kidnapping of a Muslim Cleric Abu Omar  from his home in Italy and taking him to Egypt where he was held and tortured. On 23 December 2005 European Arrest Warrants (EAW) were issued for the 22 suspects. EAW are enforceable in all of the 25 EU member states. The USA states they have not received an extradition request and states they wouldn’t honour it anyway.

As Commander in Chief, George W must take responsibility directly for the actions of his forces, including the covert operations by agencies such as the CIA, as CIC he has ulitmate approval or disapproval.  It’s up to the world to make it clear that we will not allow this to happen, even if the American People will.  Italy seeking extradition is a step in the right direction. These are War Crimes, pure and simple.   But why limit such action to the footsoldiers so to speak?  Bush should be dragged kicking and screaming to a War Crimes tribunal at The Hague and forced to answer for the crimes committed in his stead by the forces on the ground and his covert operators.

Meanwhile the US has warned the European Union that ongoing inquiries into secret CIA flights within Europe linked to the black sites are threatening intelligence ties between Europe and the US.  Menacing isn’t it? In simple terms the USA is telling the nations through which they transit prisoners and hold them, to shut up and accept it or else.  Completely unacceptable.  Why should the people and governments of allied nations stand silent and ignore? Why should we, the world allow something we condemn lesser nations for, to continue without protest?

If the USA wants it’s allies to remain it’s allies, if the USA wants to have bases in Europe, authority to fly in the airspace of their nations and our continued co operation, they have to stop committing crimes, be open and transparent and above all quit threatening us when things aren’t going their way.  In case the US hasn’t noticed, there are more of us than them, we can unite too. 


One Response to “USA accused of disappearing prisoners”

  1. Meg said

    Of course they advocate torture – wasn’t it Dick Cheney who advocated the use of waterboarding as being a ‘no brainer’, talk about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing…’allegedly’ !

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