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End of the Golden Weather

Posted by pauaprincess on March 14, 2007

Daylight Saving ends this weekend, an official sign that summer is indeed over for another year.  I’m sad.

Summer is my season, I love it, the long warm evenings spent on the deck having a bbq with friends while our children run around the yard playing.  Afternoons watching the kids andMission Bay dogs run under the garden sprinkler bring back fond memories of my childhood when pools at home were unheard of.  Sitting in long grass in the shade of a tree by the creek having sandwiches, a walk to the park and an ice cream on the way back in the evening when it cools down enough to walk.  Yes Summer is the season of my choice.

I’m sure all my childhood memories took place in summer, when I was a child we lived in our bathing suits with a smear of coppertone on our arms, legs and backs, zinc oxide on our noses.  Skin Cancer was unheard of. 

We rode our bikes out in the morning and returned in the evening, our parents only knew we were at the park, it was safe to do it and if we were wanted our parents would come and find us.  We didn’t get into trouble, the worst hurts we got were grazes and bruises, we didn’t wear bike helmets, we rode with our hair streaming behind us, our brown legs pumping up and down on the pedals, little brothers clinging to the backs of our seats while they sat on the carrier legs out so they didn’t get their bare feet tangled in the spokes. 

 There were summer long camping trips, our parents packed all 5 of us into the back seat of the car, no car seats or seatbelts.  The little ones laid on the floor with their pillows on the tunnel that housed the drive shaft.  We spent 6 weeks living in tents, we older two shared a pup tent, the younger kids lived in the big tent a continental style with two rooms and a front area.  We dragged the dishes to the camp kitchen every evening and then our parents made us go for an evening walk along the beach, through the sand dunes every evening, discovering shells and sliding down the hills on a cardboard box.

My Dad told us ghost stories at night, then it was off to bed and an early awakening because it was too hot to sleep in the tent past 8am.

I wish I could give this to my kids.  It’s not safe now for them to spend all day out of sight, they’ll never know what it’s like to lay in the floorwell with their heads on the tunnel and when the go out they have to be slathered in sunscreen, covered in t shirts and hats.  They can’t even ride their bikes around the yard without a helmet.  Worst of all because their parents both work, to cover all the holidays kids get we get maybe a week of holiday together as a family.

It seems to me, as the sun begins to set on summer, that life has not changed for the better.  In spite of our time saving appliances, our technology and all the rest.


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