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George Bush and New Zealand

Posted by pauaprincess on March 24, 2007

Helen Clark Prime Minister of New Zealand travelled to Washington and had a formal chat with George W Bush. 21clarkb1.jpg  Judging from the picture, our Aunty Helen wasn’t overly impressed, in fact it looks as if the line he expected her to swallow disagreed with her.  Our Aunty Helen is a somewhat intelligent woman, like or dislike her, you have to admire her fortitude, I doubt I could sit in the same room at that swaggering little chimp of a man without finding something to hit him with.

A press conference followed their 30 minute meeting with Bush refusing to take questions. 

 “We talked about the South Pacific, and I praised the prime minister on her leadership in these difficult issues,” President Bush said.  He told reporters he understood that countries in the region needed New Zealand’s leadership, with US and Australian assistance.”

Cos George knows all about the issues in the Pacific, and look at all the help the US has poured into the region, I mean there they are peace keeping with us in the Solomons to stop the civil war there, oh no they aren’t, so they must be in East Timor helping out there with the ongoing problems, ummm no, Fiji where’s there has just been another military coup? Sorry nope but thanks for playing.  Where are the US with regards to the Pacific?  Ummm in Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand democracy and first world conditions reign.  Scuse me for disbelieving you George, but those words mean less than nothing to us and quite frankly, we’d prefer you stayed the heck away.  We just hope Aunty Helen didn’t accidently slip up and tell you about the oil discovered down south, we don’t want y’all coming to liberate us!  More about this meeting and Helen’s adventures in Washington DC  can be read here.

And it’s been 4 years since the Iraq War began.  The 4th anniversary was marked by peace protests world wide.  In San Francisco and New York, more than 100 protesters were arrested.  Polls show that 4 years on a majority of Americans now oppose the war.

George W Bush marked the anniversary with a speech calling for patience.  Considering in a few months it will be the anniversary of George W standing on the deck of an aircraft carrier declaring the war won, I don’t think patience is what is required here, I think the entire world has been more than patient, especially considering we never wanted this war to begin with!


2 Responses to “George Bush and New Zealand”

  1. bee said

    that pic is hilarious.

  2. Isn’t it! The herald ran a caption competition for it lol.

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