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Tsunami, Surfs Up Dude!

Posted by pauaprincess on April 4, 2007

Well it’s been a busy few days down here in the Pacific, with Mother Nature making herself felt.  An Earthquake of 8.1 in the Solomon’s generated a Tsunami which rampaged through two provinces.solo230.jpg  Since that initial earthquake, there have been about 20 more, the smallest of which was 4.5, now that’s about the size of the last big one in California.  Thousands of homes were destroyed or sucked out to sea.  It is feared that there will be outbreaks of disease and that the death toll will rise.  Australia and New Zealand are providing aid and manpower to assist with rescues.  Operation RAMSI the joint Australian and New Zealand peacekeeping effort in the Solomons provided helicopter reconnaisence to assess the extent of the devastation in the initial stages.

Back on the homefront, we had a cyclone off shore create a weather pattern which flooded out the Mid Far North towns of Kawa Kawa, Keri Keri, Opua, Kaeo and parts of Whangarei.  The entire Far North was cut off due to slips on the main State highway.  The storm has been called a one in a 150 yr event, it’s been linked to global warming and a La Nina weather pattern.  Millions of dollars worth of damage was caused by flooding and slips in one of New Zealands best known tourist areas.  There was no loss of life or injury caused by the Cyclone, emergency services we stretched beyond the limit but the Army assisted and evacuations were managed well.  By the next morning, the clean up had begun.  Lets see if Fema could pull that off!

In world news, the 15 British sailors detained by the Iranian Government are still being held.  Britain is proposing direct talks, keeping it diplomatic.  Commendable as I would imagine ol Georgie has been on the phone to Tony offering up a division of Navy Seals to black op them outta there, little dreaming the SAS could probably spirit them away before the Iranians even knew they were gone if Britain had chosen to take that course.  The question is, where they in Iranian waters?  A poll in the workplace and around the family finds people divided.  In short, nobody would be surprised if they were.


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