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This weekends Adventure

Posted by pauaprincess on April 15, 2007

This weekend I participated in a CD volunteer and patientscasualty simulation for Civil Defence.  I do the make up for the casualties, realistic looking injuries for the teams to treat.  It was an exercise for the teams to search and locate then recover and treat casualties following an earthquake.

I woke at 5:30am, got up had coffee, woke the kids, fed and dressed them, collected and loaded my kit and headed to site. openfrac.jpg I had two hours to make up 17 Casualties, I was meant to have two assistants but that’s another story.  I ended up making up injuries for 15 volunteer casualties.  Everything from an open fracture of the femur to crush injuries.  By 9:15 my casualties were sent out to their sites and we were off.  The injury pictured is an open fracture of the femur, made with play dough, fake blood and a lamb leg bone shard I got from the butcher up the road.  As you can see, I make my injuries as realistic as possible in order to help the teams. 

I’m proud to volunteer my time to assist these people train for a disaster.  Many people don’t realise that these teams are volunteers themselves.  Every week they give up time to train, they spend time studying and passing certification tests in order to rescue fellow citizens from peril.

Civil Defence in New Zealand, provides rescue teams and welfare teams. 

The rescue teams will assist in evacuations,radioguy.jpg crawl through rubble looking for survivors of collapsed buildings, rope rescues for cliffs or people trapped in high buildings, fast water rescues (for flooding) and they provide onscene first aid, stabalising patients for evacuation to hospital.  In addition they can set up and maintain welfare centres, providing information to Red Cross for logistical care of evacuees and aiding in the maintenance of lists of victims for friends and family to contact.

We don’t have enough people who willingly give up their free time this way.  I am grateful to those who do and happy to provide them with any and all assistance possible.  If you are fit and healthy, perhaps you should join your local volunteer group and prepare to be counted in an emergency. 


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