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Posted by pauaprincess on April 29, 2007

xenophobia. Fear or hatred of foreigners or things foreign.

At another site I frequent, we have recently been debating what America should do with regard to Iraq.  Now this is an International site, with posters from all over the world and I think we’ve discovered the American Xenophobic heartland.

Get this, if you aren’t an American Citizen with full voting rights, you don’t have a right to an opinion!  Hear that world?  Only Americans, over the age of 18, have a right to comment about America and American politics.

Now, being as I am not American, I don’t live in America and I have no aspirations to live in America, I’m saying this here, on my own site.  If American’s don’t want criticism, they should vote en masse to have their Government stop invading other countries, using overseas labour to make their cheap Nikes and stop poisoning the world with their convoluted brand of democratic process.  Just quit subjecting us all to America and George W Bush’s kindergarten government, and we’ll leave you alone.


2 Responses to “Xenophobia”

  1. bee said

    oh, don’t forget the line, “if it weren’t for the americans, everyone would be speaking german.”

    one snivelling loser is going to tell everyone else today why we need to keep killing people in iraq.

  2. Yeah democracy in action, as vowed, he’s veto’d the bill so more young Americans can die.

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