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The difference between one kid and two…

Posted by pauaprincess on May 3, 2007

My princeling is on school camp this week, he left Monday morning.  I took both the pipis to school in my car due to the amount of luggage required for a week at camp.  I discovered something I’d hitherto only suspected, I’m not cool enough to be seen with my kids.  Never mind I’m a well liked, fashionable, working woman, I’m just not cool enough for kids.  I had to sneak off with the Princeling behind the hall to kiss him goodbye where nobody would see us.  I haven’t had to sneak behind the school hall for a kiss in twenty odd years!  The wee Princess Pipi walked off without so much as a wave or backward glance so I suppose I should be honoured my eldest wanted a kiss and a hug.

Anyway, on the homefront it’s been a quiet week.  Princess Pipi is sweetness personified at home where nobody can see her.  On Monday afternoon I got her a french knitting kit and two 99c balls of wool, that’s kept her occupied after homework. 

The peace is amazing, no squabbles to referee, no yelling and screaming about he’s touching me, she’s looking at meeeee, he’s being meeeeeeeeeeeeean!

I’d forgotten how easy it is to just deal with one child!  I can get out of the house in a third of the time without having two to hustle out the door, not to mention having to figure out where just one pair of shoes got to. 

Food seems to be lasting longer too, only one lunch to make means we aren’t going through a loaf of bread a day, the fruit and milk, the breakfast cereal is holding out too. 

Come Friday, it’s all over, sigh.


2 Responses to “The difference between one kid and two…”

  1. Haha! I noticed a huge difference when my two went to school.

    Somehow, I had much more time to get things done and my time with them had much more value

  2. Oh yes school is the best invention ever but it should be longer, just think what I could get done if school started at 8 and finished at 5!

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