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Why I hate Daylight Saving

Posted by pauaprincess on May 9, 2007

Last week the Government of New Zealand voted to extend Daylight Saving, some may know it better as Summer Time.

Now maybe the majority of the country likes daylight saving, I hate it!

I am a night person, I work shift work for this reason.  Nightowls like me don’t need more daylight, the night hours are when we function best.  I don’t need my inner clock messed up any more than it is.  I can’t even eat my tea until 8pmish in summer because I eat around 7pm, my body doesn’t recognise daylight saving.  When I work early shifts, I am more likely to oversleep in the daylight savings months.

I have two children who will not go to bed when the sun is out.  Even if they go to bed, they won’t go to sleep.

I can see a need for more daylight hours in winter, I really can, days are so short some people get up in the dark to go to work and return home at twilight, having only seen sight of the sun through the office window.  How about giving us a few hours then?  But summer?  It never seems to get dark, you can’t get away from the bloody sun.

So I hate daylight saving, I don’t want it extended and I don’t care about the larks.


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