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Mother’s Day dear lord already?

Posted by pauaprincess on May 10, 2007

Contrary to popular belief, Mother’s day isn’t a Hallmark invented holiday.  Mother’s day has been celebrated throughout history, from the pre Roman era in various forms.  The Roman’s celebrated from the Ides of March.  The modern form of Mother’s Day came from Englands Mothering Sunday, celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent, exactly 4 weeks before Easter.

Mother’s Day was introduced in America intially by Julia Ward Howe following the Civil War, then taken up by Ann Jarvis, it didn’t attain formal recognition until Ann Jarvis’s daughter Anna begain a crusade for formal recognition of a memorial day for women.  The first such day was celebrated in Grafton, West Virginia May 10, 1908. Mother’s Day has since caught on in a big way.  In Australia and New Zealand, we celebrate in May, as the American’s do.

Mother’s Day today is a vast commercial venture.  I’m watching commercials on tv, to buy Mum a heater, a cutlery set, a new mixer.  I’m getting flyers in the mail, serious numbers of trees are dying in order that my children know it’s Mother’s day and they should buy me some expensive perfume, jewellery, a new appliance or maybe even a car!  My children are 5 and 10, I’m lucky to get an ornament from the dollar store or a handmade card.  I neither expect or want expensive gifts from my children.

The image of motherhood has changed over the years, these days a large percentage work outside the home, are single, absent or just bad and don’t fit the advertising mould of the kindly faced mother welcoming her children home from school with fresh baked muffins.  Still, it’s primarily the woman who keeps home and hearth going.  Despite full time jobs, we do the lions share of housework, childcare and cooking.  We never swapped our role as mother for the corporate world, we just added it to the role we already had. 

As a child, I hated the fuss made over Mother’s Day, Father’s Day seemed relatively under recognised and I wasn’t keen on celebrating Mother’s Day.  I didn’t feel my mother deserved it.  Still, I am glad I didn’t follow up on my vow at 10 to become Queen of the World and abolish Mother’s Day, being as I am a Mother now myself.

I’m looking forward to my sleep in on Sunday, the burnt toast and runny eggs (strange my kids haven’t ever noticed, I am not a breakfast person) with a picture drawn by the Pipi Princess, her gap toothed smile as she hands it to me to unfurl (she rolls her pictures like scrolls these days) and tells me it’s a picture of me and my dog and her or something like that.  The Pipi Prince will watch anxiously as I sip the watery, oversweet and over milked half cold coffee, asking is it ok MUM?  Holding back the nausea I’ll answer, best coffee I’ve had since last year….

Ahhh yes, Mother’s Day, the day your kids show they love you, with food poisoning, hand made gifts and Dad referees all the squabbles!


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