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Is Bush fighting Iraq at the expense of the homeland?

Posted by pauaprincess on May 14, 2007

As President Bush toured tornado ravaged Greensburg, criticism was being levelled at the Government for a depleted National Guard.  Gov Kathleen Sebelius said that a shortage of National Guard trucks, helicopters and other equipment would hamper recovery.  The Whitehouse has rebuffed this accusation siting FEMA resources.

The question however remains, Is Bush fighting in Iraq at the expense of the homeland?

When is someone going to ask him, why democracy in Iraq has to come at the expense of the American people?  How many families have to lose a loved one? How many have to suffer unduly because of Natural disasters back home?

Iraq is costing more than money, more than the lives of those who signed up to give their lives for their country.  Iraq is costing the American public lives at home.


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