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Mother’s Day : The Review

Posted by pauaprincess on May 15, 2007

I woke up on Mother’s day as the Pipi Princess burst through our door.  By the time I’d visited the bathroom her and the Paua Prince had woken the Princeling and were installed in the family room doing secret stuff.  This meant no access to coffee!  I was patience personafied and managed to be surprised when they all trooped to my room 45 mins later, with coffee.

Some years ago, when the Princeling was hatched, my Prince began a charm bracelet for me.  Every year on Mother’s day and Valentines day, I get two charms celebrating significant events in our lives and those of the pipis.  When I began my career with the Police, I got a pig, when the princeling played rugby, I got a rugby ball, when the pipi princess was hatched, I got ballet shoes and a dolly, when I miscarried, an angel.  This year my hatchlings chose their own charms, from the Pipi Princess I got a unicorn, because they bring you luck Mummy.  From the Princeling; a dragon because when you’re angry you breathe fire Mummy!

More importantly, the cards they made me.  My wee Pipi Princess with 6 months worth of school under her belt, wrote I love you Mummy.  My sensitive wee Princeling, displayed his poets soul writing; You make the sun shine brighter, I love you Mum.  Those cards made from wrapping paper will go into my diary box, to be treasured forever.

So the day was mine, I got to laze in my dressing gown, do what I  wanted to do, spend time with my wee ones.  All in all, a good Mother’s day.  I hope yours was good too!


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