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Men; oblivious, lazy or just thoughtless?

Posted by pauaprincess on May 16, 2007

Ok so I am in a somewhat rebellious mood, you’d be too if your Prince woke you on your last day off to tell you to run certain errands, like say for instance, go to your kids school and pay the hockey fees and get the kid a uniform. I know these things have to be done, as does the Prince, I don’t see him rushing down cash in hand, why do I have to be the one to do it on my day off?

I work shift work, when I work lates nothing gets done around my house, no washing, vacuuming, heck they won’t even change a roll of toilet paper.  I spend the day I start nightshift, catching up on two days worth of housework.  I come home from early shift on weekends to a wreck, no dishes done, no washing done.  I have to clear the decks before I start cooking dinner.  He sits in his chair all day!

Now some may say what a bad Paua Prince!  No, he’s not bad, he’s just completely oblivious to the mess.  It’s not high on his list of priorities and I didn’t ASK him to do it!  If I asked him to do a load of washing, throw the dishes through the dishwasher, he would.

Why should I HAVE to ask?

I know, I know!  This is what goes through my head too.  I shouldn’t have to ask him to do what plainly needs to be done, like me he should recognise there is work to be done and do it.  But, he doesn’t!

So, is he thoughtless, lazy or oblivious?

I really don’t know?  Maybe it’s a combination of all three?  He really is oblivious to mounting piles of moulted dog hair, marbles all over the kitchen floor and sticky ooze congealing on the bench.  He thinks of lots of ways to make life more pleasant for me, making the bed just isn’t one of them.  He admits to lazyness when he knows that the lawn needs mowing and we are losing the cat in the long grass.

Should he change?

Well, yes and no.  I sometimes get on his back and things get better, then he slips.  He isn’t alone either.  From what I understand, despite the proliferation of the snag (sensitive new age guy) the sensitivity doesn’t always extend to the realisation that just because you use soap in the shower, it’s not self cleaning.  Despite women being mothers and working outside the home, it doesn’t mean that their partners are going to cook well balanced nutritious meals the nights she has to work late, really ordering Pizza is about as far as a lot of men extend themselves.

I didn’t come into this relationship thinking to change my Prince, honestly I didn’t.  I just sometimes wish he could see the world through my eyes, then he’d see those flyspots on the ceiling, the cobwebs gathering in corners and the dustbunnies under the sofa.  If he had even a 10th of the knowledge most women are born with, he’d know that every single woman who enters this house looks at the skirting boards for dust, the lampshades and the back of the taps and judges me!

Maybe upon reflection, it’s us that need to change?


3 Responses to “Men; oblivious, lazy or just thoughtless?”

  1. SO TRUE!!! I’m constantly trying little experiments to solve this problem. When I find the secret solution I will let the world of women know. =)

  2. Oh yes please place me at the top of yr list!

  3. Francesca said

    I have been married for 7 years and have finally had enough. Not just the spouse but the now very demanding 5 year old son who acts exactly like his dad. I am thinking of walking out and leaving them to live by tremselves. I have had enough.

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