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So Prince Harry can’t go to Iraq…

Posted by pauaprincess on May 23, 2007

It’s a shame, he really wanted to go.  On one hand, I can see the wisdom in the official decision, it’s not just his life at stake and his presence means he is a danger to his unit.  On the other hand, what a bummer for him.

Soldiers live for oppotunities like this, I don’t mean that they live for war, but they train and train, the want the oppotunity to put their training into action.  I can understand that too, I get to do what I am trained for every single day.  I can’t imagine training constantly for something I might never do for real.

It must cheer him to realise he has the support of his fellow soldiers though, all those I’m Harry t shirts and dying their hair red to show solidarity would cheer anyone, even the stuffiest royal.


One Response to “So Prince Harry can’t go to Iraq…”

  1. Algy Johns said

    Despite the ‘fact’ that Prince Harry isn’t now going to Iraq, we’re betting he does feature in both that arena and Afghanistan, but without the media hullabalooi. He’s no fool and neither are the military, both know full well the consequences and implications of any ‘no-show’ in circumstancs he’s trained for and relishes. It’s worth noting that the ‘I’m Harry’ T-shirts ( are more in demand now than before. So maybe the message that we’re ALL Harry now has achieved proper cult status among the armed forces everywhere. We’re still doing our bit as a decoy.

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