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America and it’s allies…

Posted by pauaprincess on May 24, 2007

America has been annoying it’s allies for decades, during the cold war it could afford to, but over the past 20 years, things have changed and America has failed to recognise those changes.  America has merrily carried on with its arrogant stance on everything from, we are the Leaders of the free world to we saved ya’lls butts in two world wars.  One by one it’s traditional allies have drifted away.

For example, back in the 80’s my little country decided to set an example to the world, we became Nuclear Free.  Nuclear Free has meant, no nuclear generated power, no bombs and no visitors to our harbours carrying nukes or powered by nuclear energy.  Ever since, we’ve suffered trade tarrifs making our exports to the US more expensive than anyone elses, diplomatic freezeouts while paying lip service to our ally status, so on and so forth.  Is it any wonder, when Bush decided to invade Iraq, New Zealand was one of the traditional allies that said no?  In fact, a bunch of us said NO.  The French suffered the humiliation of ignorant American’s fully believing them to be responsible for the humble french fry, due to it’s support of the UN and the Oil for food deal, the Germans were well German so on and so forth.  However two of America’s greater first world allies went to Iraq; The UK and Australia.

While the UK has since announced it’s withdrawl, Australia is maintaining it’s present level of support in Iraq.  Due in no small means to the ambitions of John Howard who believes his sycophantic support of Bush will turn Australia into a major world player.  John Howard in the face of certain defeat for his party at the upcoming election, continues to cling to this ideal, to the extent of expounding his views on the suitability of candidates for the next US election, for which he was quickly and sharply shown his place.

This week Alexander Downer, Howards foreign minister has praised George W Bush, stating:

“When I think about the war on terror and the decisions he has had to make, these have been tough decisions,” Downer told about 300 guests, including Reagan’s widow, Nancy.

“The final judgments about his presidency in relation to some of those decisions will be made years and years off into the future.

“… Will people say of President George W Bush that he ran away when the terrorists struck?”

Good old Alex, perpetuating the myth that Iraq has something to do with 9/11.  If the US republicans could vote in the next Australian election his future would be assured.  But then maybe he’s touting for some annonymous donations…..

America can no longer afford to annoy it’s allies, they need us and in the near future, they’ll need us even more. 


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