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Christian Bigotry alive and well in NZ

Posted by pauaprincess on May 25, 2007

Destiny Church in New Zealand’s leader “Bishop” Brian Tamaki has spoken out today calling for restrictions on non Christian religions.  For the full story click

“Bishop Brian Tamaki says members of other faiths should enter New Zealand on the basis they are entering a Christian country and have to conform to certain standards. He says they cannot be regarded as equal and should be subject to restrictions.  Bishop Tamaki says these would include not allowing them to pray in schools, or do things they would normally do in their homelands in relation to their religion.”

“Bishop” Tamaki has just told the world he is an unmitigated bigot!  What’s next? Will people who aren’t of Christian faiths be forced to wear a star on their clothing so we can identify them? Then will Christians who aren’t Destiny Church converts be forced to wear a letter denoting their belief? A for Anglican, C for Catholic?  What about the Jews? I bet he’s got some ideas up his sleeve for them.

This man is dangerous, this “church” is dangerous, an American style televangical movement complete with NZ version of Jim and Tammy Faye.  Destiny heavily tithes its parishoners at 10% of their gross income, meanwhile  self proclaimed “Bishop” Tamaki and his wife “Pastor” Hannah collect 6 figure salaries, live in a multi million dollar clifftop home He has a new boat worth more than $100,000, drives an $80,000 Ford Explorer and got a $35,000 Harley Davidson for his birthday.   Cultwatch, a small cross-denominational group that monitors Christian organisations, says it has “grave reservations” about Destiny’s methods and has been investigating the movement.

Thank goodness the majority of New Zealanders see the Destiny Church for what it is, a bigoted and cult like organisation serving the aspirations of its Bishop.  The point is, we cannot afford to be complacent.  Look what happened in Nazi Germany.  This “church” needs to be pushed back into the dark ages where it belongs.  This is a new millenium, we are supposed to have learned from history and to be tolerant of other races and religions.  We cannot afford to give hate like this a forum without a balanced counterpoint.

I say so what if people aren’t Christian, that is their business, by the same token so what if they are.  Religion is a private matter, between you and your God and nobody has the right to charge you for your beliefs, nobody has the right to censor your beliefs.  Discussion and debate are one thing, but to actively ensure beliefs other than Christian ones are treated as second class, well that is Bigotry.


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