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Gunshop owner escapes conviction

Posted by pauaprincess on June 8, 2007

Yesterday two JP’s dismissed a case against a gunshop owner who shot a machete weilding would be robber.  Police had not charged him with the shooting, he was charged with unlawful pocession of a pistol. 

To understand this, you need to understand that in New Zealand it is a crime to carry or store a loaded firearm.  In this case the pistol was concealed loaded in a shelf under the desk, needing only to be cocked and fired.  I fail to see how Police failed to establish a prima facie case.

While it’s clear that in shooting the offender, the gunshop owner thwarted a robbery, saved his own life and that of his colleague and prevented the offender from obtaining goodness knows what firearms, he still broke the law of the land by keeping a firearm ready to go, in a concealed position.

It is the job of the Police to uphold the law, the job of the judiciary to administer judgement upon those who break it.  It is not the job of the judiciary to follow public opinion and overlook those who break a law because ultimately the outcome was favourable and the only person hurt deserved it.

It isn’t ok to shoot people, even bad ones.  This decision signals that it is.  Police have come out today stating that people shouldn’t take it as a signal that they can shoot lawbreakers.  They shouldn’t have to.  The Judiciary have the role of enforcing punishment as befits the crime, even a slap with a wet bus ticket, metaphorically speaking, would have been better than dismissing this case.


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