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Is he really sick or trying it on?

Posted by pauaprincess on June 13, 2007

It’s cold and flu season here in the Southern Hemisphere, the time of year when children develop the kind of cough that would do a Victorian era consumption sufferer proud, overnight.  The Princeling woke up with just such a cough this morning.  Now this Princess has been around, yeah I was a child once and after over a decade of motherhood, I figure I know when I am being faked.  The child was pale, listless and barking like a trained seal looking at a bucket of fish.  I did the feel the forehead thing, I cocked my head, narrowed my eyes and pronounced the child to ill to attend school, I sent him back to bed.

Then I jumped through hoops convincing the wee princess that yes, she could go to school without the Princeling, I’d take her there in my car instead of putting her on the bus, I’d buy her a treat for her lunch box and I would come and get her in my car after school instead of her catching the bus and yes, I’d put the brick in the wall song on my cd player (it’s the we don’t need no education chorus that she loves), if she’d just get in the blessed car and go to school without fussing. 

Shortly after 9am, you know, just long enough after school started to make me look an utter fool if I took him in, the Princeling emerged from his deathbed.  He was feeling well enough to sit on the sofa and watch the cartoon channel and umm could he have some weetbix, 4 maybe? Could I make them with warm milk and sugar? Thanks Mum….

Around 10:30am, he felt well enough to play on the computer, come to think of it, I hadn’t heard that barking cough since, since… Oh about the time I dropped the wee Princess at school….

At lunchtime, he declared himself feeling a lot better, could he have something else to eat?

I ran out to pick up the Princess around 3pm.  The Princeling felt a need to retire to the sofa with the laptop upon our return…. keeping up appearances as it were.

Around dinner time the Princess announced she felt….sick.  Sick how? I asked with cocked head and narrowed eyes.  Her tummy hurt, could she have some medicine? I don’t have medicine for sick tummies, I explained that the best medicine for sick tummies was directly to bed and she shouldn’t have dinner because food on a sick tummy would just make it worse… Oh it’s not your tummy that feels sick now? It’s your head? Yes I can imagine that being the case…. Let’s see how it feels after dinner.

While I am cooking the pair fight, sounding remarkably fit.  I would have thought a child with a head sickness wouldn’t squeal quite so loudly and a boy with a sore throat wouldn’t strain it by yelling, but what do I know?  I’m just a grown up!

Having rejected most of her curry as too sour, her rice as too blah and scoffing down her vege, the wee Princess is off to bed and the Princeling? He’s trying to recapture that barking seal noise he was so good at this morning and failing dismally.  He coughs pathetically and clutches at his throat, watching for my reaction from the corner of his eye.  I know this because I am observing him with the eyes in the back of my head that generally catch him doing all manner of things he isn’t meant to do.

Finally, having developed a headache of my own and a temperament somewhat sharper than is usual, because of his incessent attempts to gain my attention and sympathy with his “cough” I tell him it’s bed time and send him on his way.

Let’s see what the morning brings shall we?


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