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The world is built for tall people! And other vents…

Posted by pauaprincess on June 14, 2007

It’s true and I for one am sick of it!  In politically correct terms, I am vertically challenged, stuff that I am short ok? I’m not yet 5ft tall but I am hoping one day to awake at the magic 5 mark <snort>.  I’ve been short all my life so I am pretty much used to everything being out of my reach, but things are reaching stupid proportions.  I realise that the population of the world as a whole is getting taller, but there is still a bunch of people out there that are short or merely average.  Hello? Down here! Dýa see us?

Let’s start with pantihose, they now come in medium, tall or the ubiquitous and patently untrue “one size fits all”.  They used to come in small too!  Medium is baggy and too long, tall I wouldn’t even venture to try and one size fits all….doesn’t! I’m sick to death of walking around with saggy, baggy pantihose, so manufacturers and retailers you miss out, I just don’t buy them anymore! 

Shopping trolleys/carts.  Now I realise that supermarkets want us to buy more, but over the years the humble shopping trolley has grown to the point where inside it I can fit both my kids (who are averaged sized 5 and 10 yr olds)and the dog, who is a german shepherd btw!  What’s more they haven’t just grown in capacity, they’ve got taller.  I now walk around the supermarket with a shopping trolley who’s handle sits just about my arm pits!  It’s not just me that has problems, I see averaged sized shoppers with their arms at awkward angles trying to control these massive trolley’s!  FFS! If you can supply shopping trolleys with twin seats, shopping trolleys that work with wheelchairs and shopping trolleys shaped like cars for toddlers to SIT in while their parents buy the weekly groceries, why can’t you supply shopping trolleys that work for those of us that are not freakin’ giants??

Shelving: Hey retail people, if you want me to buy stuff, then please ffs, stop putting it up so friggin high!  I am not about to buy anything that requires me to put a kid on my shoulders or climb on my giant shopping trolley to reach, end of story! I will either go without or buy it elsewhere where I can reach it!  If you really cared, you’d put more than just the chocolate and sweets at toddler eye level, you’d put a few necessities down there too! Short people eat spaghetti sauce too ya know!

Clothing:  ok I know this affects more than just me!  Why are trousers and skirts made for praying mantis like people? I have a friend over 6 feet tall, she can’t wear trousers cos they are too short in the leg whereas I have to cut about a foot of fabric off the damn things and rehem them!  How about some variety here? You can make a short leg, a praying mantis leg and super tall leg, just use the extra fabric from the short leg!  Oh it burns to pay for a pair of trousers or a skirt and have to practically cut the bloody thing in half in order to fit it!  None of my average friends fit the praying mantis sized leg either, they all have to cut and rehem.  So just who the heck are these sizes for? Nobody I know just takes them from the rack and fits them, we ALL have to adjust!

On the plus side, I finally found a car I can drive and the Prince can’t, he’s too tall! Yay for Japanese Car Manufacturers!


While I am in a venting mood, Hello History Channel? I’m all “war’d” out!  Seriously, I know it’s June and I know that it’s been the anniversary of D Day but we were just getting over all the ANZAC day doco’s and I’ve really had enough of war.  All we seem to get lately is WAR WAR WAR in various forms.  Civil war, Vietnam War, Korea, WW1 and WW2, the Blitz, the battle of Hastings ad infinitum.  Could ya just lay off the war for a while.

How about some other history?  Just for a change! Either that or rename yourself the bloody WAR Channel and let someone else have History.  An alien viewing the satelite transmissions is going to take a very dim view of the human race if they scan your signal.

Besides there’s enough war in real life since Bush took office….

Thanks for your consideration!


And NZ Herald? Hey how about you start using realistic headlines?  This morning I find this headline…

“Car somersaults, hits building after Police Chase”

14car.jpgWhat it should say imho: “Drink Driver flees Police, gets just desserts, has to pay for building he hit and wrecks own car!”

Judging by a recent your views section, I am not the only person who is sick and tired of offenders who run from the police being turned into victims by the media.  If you run from the police they will chase you.  If you get hurt doing it, you are not a victim, you chose to run, you should get prosecuted to the full extent of the law and if you hurt some innocent bystander, you should be prosecuted for that too!  These people are not victims of the Police, they are victims of their own stupidity and criminal intent!

Peace out ppl!


6 Responses to “The world is built for tall people! And other vents…”

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