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Why DID the US invade Iraq? A response…

Posted by pauaprincess on June 15, 2007

Yet another post inspired by a fellow blogger or rather the answer to a comment I left on the post I have linked to.  I want to dispell a few misconceptions.


The Invasion of Iraq

As I remember it, Iraq was invaded on the pretext of having Weapons of Mass Destruction causing the regime to be an imminent threat to the safety of the United States.  As part of the War on Terror, the US administration wanted a premptive strike.  They approached the United Nations, who turned them down.  Somewhat angrily, the administration decided to take unilateral action, they cobbled together a coalition of the willing by making vague references to trade sanctions and outright lambasting the French.  Needless to say the coalition contained few, very few of their major allies, although I am sure that Eritrea provided vast numbers of troops to assist, as did Ethiopia, as the BBC world news noted at the time, both are seeking US support in a border dispute.

Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and Uzbekistan.

Time moved on and the war was declared over.  The US set about seriously searching for WMD’s, problem, there weren’t any.  The stuff they did find couldn’t get beyond the borders of Iraq anyway…


Al Quaeda

Did you know during the first Gulf War, Al Quaeda offered troops to assist in ousting Saddam Hussein?  Saddam Hussein was a secular leader, in other words he permitted Christianity in Iraq, he did not rule based on Islamic Law.  Al Quaeda is an organisation primarily dedicated to fundamental Islamic Rule which is why they got along so famously with the Taleban. Al Quaeda’s objective is to rid the world of the infidels on holy Saudi soil.  It stands to reason that a dictator with his finger on the pulse and a stranglehold on his nation, isn’t going to allow the people who sought to destroy him to live peacefully in his country.

Never the less the US tried to find links read why here .

And did they find them? No, read this .

Fact, Saudi Arabia has more Al Quaeda operatives within it’s borders than Iraq had prior to the US invasion.  In fact the majority of the 9/11 operatives were from Saudi Arabia.  Has the US ever considered invading Saudi? NO.


Operation Iraqi Freedom is born

Having found no WMD’s, unable to offer concrete proof of any Al Quaeda links, the Bush administration changed tack and decided they went to Iraq to depose a dictator.

But what has been achieved?  I discussed this in this post, Iraq, what has been achieved the facts are that under the current “democratically elected government”and with a US/Coalition presence Iraqi’s have less freedom and personal safety than they had with Saddam Hussein as their leader.  They certainly have less creature comforts, things like electricity and running water.  It seems American’s had visions of liberating people living in tents and mud huts, they had little or no conception of the urban nature of Iraq’s major cities, they had no idea people lived in multi story buildings with Aircon and all the same comforts American’s have.

Yes Saddam Hussein was a dictator, he was bad, evil and complete bastard who killed anyone who opposed him.  You’ll get no argument from me on that score.  However….

The Bush administration is creating a society that is reminiscent of the Nazi era in Germany.  They’ve created a concentration camp (Yes Dachau looked quite pleasant in the newsreel footage too!) at Guantanamo where they hold prisoners without trial or representation. They torture prisoners.  George W Bush unsigned the Rome treaty ensuring no American can be brought to the World Court on charges.  They have created and passed legislation giving them powers to imprison and hold indefinitely anyone they consider to be an “illegal combatent”and it doesn’t take a lot to be declared one.  They can spy on you at their whim and they are lying to the population consistently.  How much different to Saddam Hussein is George Bush really?

Donald Rumsfeld shakes Saddams hand circa 1988



2 Responses to “Why DID the US invade Iraq? A response…”

  1. Alexander said

    I would first like to state that I am an American. Though I have never been to Iraq I am 100% sure everything my people is pure evil. Everyone in my country is either too proud, too stupid, or too ignorant to admit it. There is so much evidence to those who can truly see it.

    Bringing up my beliefs on these matters here only spells trouble for me. I won’t of course be killed like as if I were to speak against Saddam, instead I would be shunned socially from others. I would be ridiculed and made to feel ashamed of myself. Vulgar insults would be directed towards me and even possibly physical harm. I do not fear any of these things but I have learned that educating Americans is not enough. My own efforts to educate my peers was a futile attempt and has forced me to lose all of them. Most Americans simply do not care.

    However I do not believe that Americans are the only people like this. I have been to France and other places in Europe and have noticed that people behave no differently than Americans. There are cultural differences and things of that sort, but behavior wise they are all the same. I have no doubt it is the same way everywhere else in the world. The same evil. I even see it in those who call themselves holy and righteous. I see it in myself and hate myself for it.

    I do not believe in any religion. I do however believe in God. And I have more faith in him than every priest I have ever seen or met. I long for death. But I am not suicidal. Everyone I meet considers me weak when they first meet me. This is evidence of the evil. The more evil deeds a person does or claims to do the stronger that person will be to those around him/her. I would not be surprised if you would laugh at this. And if you do you are no different than my fellow Americans. Instead do what they refuse to and observe it in those around you. I hope the people in the middle east are not like this. But if people like Saddam Hussein (who is no different than Bush) rule there then I fear it is no different. The corruption has already taken place.

  2. It’s sad that you can’t express your opinion without being shunned or labled unpatriotic.

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