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How do you become a solo mother of 10?

Posted by pauaprincess on June 17, 2007

That was my first thought when I read about Sharon Salt in the news.

Sharon Salt lives in a Housing New Zealand state home, that’s a home owned by the Government and rented at below market rates to low income families.    Sharon’s eldest boys belong to a gang called DMS which stands for Dope, Money, Sex.  Their behavior in Rangeview Rd, Owairaka in Auckland has prompted so many complaints to Police and Housing New Zealand (more than 90 in fact), that they held a tribunal (hearing of sorts) and evicted the family.

Now I’m not talking about the usual kind of neighbourhood complaints, you know stereo too loud, mowing the lawn at 6am on a Sunday etc.  These young hoodlums have been robbing and pillaging like vikings on a quest.  Threatening and intimidating neighbours and visitors to the street alike and that is in addition to their normal criminal behavior outside the street.

Sharon has twice spoken to the Herald in an effort to gain the sympathy of the readership.  I’m afraid this reader has none. Solo mother of 10? Given the figures printed, I calculate that’s 10 kids in 20 years.  Birth control was around in the 80’s dear, why didn’t you avail yourself of it?  Family planning gave the stuff away or charged less than $20 depending on your circumstances.  I also have to wonder how many father’s are involved and what level of involvement they actually had/have.  Sharon admits she can’t control her kids, she has 5 living at home now, no doubt being influenced by their elder brothers.  Perhaps if she’d stopped at 5 she’d have been able to cope? Perhaps she’d have been able to impose some order and control?  Sharon blames the state services for not helping her with HER kids!  Well now she’s going to pay the price, she’s going to get evicted and I don’t think a single Landlord in the private sector will take her on.  What’s more, she won’t be able to pay the going rate for a house in an inner city suburb like she has now, she’s going to have to move way out of the city. 

I can’t help but agree with V of Violent Acres in her post last week about the welfare system.  While it’s true this is a different country, the situation remains the same.  I wonder how long my tax dollars have paid for Sharon to sit on her butt, spitting out kids and neglecting their moral upbringing? Sharon defends herself and her choices by saying the offending members of her family are now adults and make their own choices, but conveniently ignores the example she set them.  I’ve always been of the opinion that 1 child can be a mistake (ie a birth control mistake) but 2 is taking the mickey! 10? That’s blatently using the welfare system.

Me? I have kids and I am not rich, I work fulltime while they are at school and I only have two because that’s what we can afford, both financially and with my time.  Nobody can give their full parental attention to 10 children, lest of all a solo mother and before I get jumped on with “I came from a family of 10 and my parents were great and none of us are criminals”, I’m sure you did, but were you one of the older sibs who helped out or were you one of the younger sibs who were helped out? I’m second eldest from a blended family of 5, so I have a little experience.   If you are going to go and have 10 children, you’d best have a LOT of support and I don’t just mean relying on the State to pay for your chosen lifestyle and do the parenting for you!


16 Responses to “How do you become a solo mother of 10?”

  1. […] on June 24th, 2007. Last week I wrote about Sharon Salt and touched briefly on the reason she is being evicted from her state house, the DMS (Dope, […]

  2. Ana said

    Dont talk about my aunty like that! My name is Ana Salt and i know for a fact that they dont do those sort of lthings. Their Neighbourhood is over exaggerating!!!! LeaVe them aLone!!!

  3. If you capitalized the appropriate letters like a normal person your opinion might carry some weight. According to the Herald one of the boys appeared at court on an aggravated robbery charge just this morning.

  4. scrappydo said

    Hi – just had to come visit after seeing your blog name – figured you just HAD to be a kiwi!! 🙂

    Hear, hear on your comments…. in my view, people find it to easy not to take responsibility for their own actions and then expect the state to act like their nanny and clean up. Go you!

  5. Thanks much 🙂

  6. Jess said

    I wholeheartedly agree, her entire family are a menace to society.
    I live in Wesley which is a stones throw away from the salts and am also a low income Parent, with 4 children between the ages of 19-13 I work 2 jobs to support my family and am pleased to say my children are upstanding members of the community .

    We’ve had many sleepless nights with the salts and DMS fighting in the middle of the street or worse standing on the corner of our street throwing bottles at the many cars that drive past.
    I can say with conviction that they are unwanted and have been for some time.

  7. Good on you for saying so Jess. I know too from personal experience that DMS are a gang, they are criminals and that they terrorise the suburb they live in and don’t necessarily confine themselves or their activities to that particular area.

  8. Tee said

    Maybe if you get your facts right and not from the herald you wont be such a dumb ass who thinks has the perfect family by your standards

    So tell me why did housing New zealand and the Police get there ass kicked in court and you will 2 for Defamation if you dont watch what you say.

    Yes there were over 90 visits to the street and not the the salt residence as the herald had said otherwise when there were only 10 to the salt family home and they were for bail checks not public complaints.

    Get your facts strait next time Loser hahahahahahaha

  9. Kat said

    In reply to the inflammatory comment regarding how many fathers are involved in the production of the ten children, try one..
    Yes one, which is alot more than many mothers can say.
    And as for saying Sharon should have stopped at five so she could control them, there are plenty of only children or perhaps have one sibling who commit offences and are amongst our nations most high profile criminals.
    In fact that is a pattern repeated across the globe.
    There is no statistical evidence to prove that criminals only come from large families, that is unsubstantiated.
    I find your argument ill-informed, inflammatory and while you appear to write from the viewpoint of being concerned about the illegal activities of the Salt family, I think you should concern yourself with the possible libel suit which could be drawn up against you.

    Do thorough research or desist.

  10. Aida said

    you make me laugh when you think you can sit back and say whatever you want without any consequence for your actions .once a child is an adult it becomes there JOB to take care of THEMSELVES and for whatever reason things dont go to plan doesnt need to fall back on the parents ,if that was the case every under aged child having sex and babies would fall back on parents for not sitting in there childs bedroom to make sure no pants come off ! grow up and get real if you think you can determine how ur child will grow up then you are playing with urself .Sharon is one of the nicest ppl you could have the joy of meeting .Its funny because there are so many families that have only 1 child and its that child (yes 1) that can join a gang or whateva so what do you do ????? well i’m guessing you would just dump them like a sack of turds because they didnt turn out how you wanted them too !!!!!!!! you really need to get ur facts rite before posting on the net


  11. James said

    Neighbours from hell give up……when I read the headline in the paper this morning I clapped for joy even though I don’t live in the area. Yes Aida she might be a nice person to you but to many people living around her and her family they’re just like the heading says – neighbours from hell. Paua Princess is perfectly entitled to have her say. Sharon Salt is still the parent of these hoodlums and is doing the right thing by moving. God only knows who the next unlucky buggers are going to be that live next to her and her whanau.

  12. Walter said

    There is no such thing as the perfect family, but if you just get the basics right, your children will give you a reasonable amount of honour.

    How many of the 10 are bringing honour and how many are bringing shame?

  13. Aida said

    there are some trying to change there lives but then they get knocked down again and again ……………..what chance do they have ? maybe they just dont like you’s who knows

  14. I appreciate it for composing “How do you become a solo
    mother of 10? The Paua Palace”. I personallymight certainly wind up
    being coming back for a lot more browsing and commenting here
    soon enough. Thanks, Winston

  15. Victoria Simons said

    No one should have to feel unsafe on their street or in their homes. But if she wants to have 10 children then so be it. People today bag on others about the smallest things. I have to say I was too raised in a state home and lived in a street and home full of mobsters (HQ) and no I didn’t turn out like them. I work full time for the Government and have been for almost 3 years. I gave back and still continue to give back to my community. So instead of bitching and correcting people’s grammar give back to people maybe this way you won’t feel so unhappy to give back to someone without asking for anything in return.

  16. Resident said

    I live in a housing new zealand house not far from Rangeview Road. 14 years of the most unpleasant neighbourhood I have ever encountered and all because I called noise control after repeated lies from neighbour about when their 24/7 partying which was supposedly funeral celebrations for a neighbours son who had passed away years prior (according to another neighbour)

    These celebrations went on for months and months non-stop in a large shack built against our shared fence for the constant stream of visitors to shack up and party in. This was approx 3-4 metres from our lounge and bedrooms. Old car axles and car tyres weighted down the corrugated iron serving as a roof. Electricity was cabled in for bright lighting that lit up our bedrooms at night. Drunken raucous behaviour.

    Through years of so-called property inspections Housing New Zealand contracted property inspectors never did a thing – bribes, intimidation etc who knows but after approx 3 years the shack was ripped down with much yelling and abuse at council authorities – I heard it all from my house and was threatened with a “we’re going to get you” threat and on other occasions have been told by their gang that if I don’t get it from them I will get it from this house, that house and that house etc – he indicated most of the houses in the street. And guess what they have been getting me for 14 years non-stop, relentless – dirty cowardly stuff like vandalising car and fences and door locks, rocks and eggs thrown at house, house filling up with smoke and fumes for years, teenagers with baseball bats accusing me of calling dog control etc, rubbish thrown into our property, plants stolen and wrecked, weedkiller sprayed into our porch etc, I had to stop gardening and going outside because they would make it so unpleasant every time they saw me gardening outside.

    Latest stuff is Windscreen of car constantly sprayed. Throwing bread into our property to feed birds to poop over our car and getting another neighbour to dump their weeds over the fence into our property. They constantly broke into our car and smeared the steering wheel and gear stick with thick greasy stuff. Sprayed stuff inside the car that left the inside car roof all spotted. Painted the wheel hubs black. Graffitied a visitors car one night while it was parked up my driveway.

    They also regularly used large groups of young children to congregate outside of our property and damage fence and anything else – i suspect it is because they know children will get off lightly whereas adults will not. These children would come right on up onto our property supposedly playing hide-go-seek etc. Much older teenagers also I caught in the night prowling around our house.

    Abused, given the two finger salute constantly, intimidating behaviour blah blah I could go on and on. They soon had the wider neighbourhood in on it. Someone has been getting inside our house for years somehow and helping themselves to our grocery items, and other small stuff and I have had the locks changed 3 times. Whatsmore they swap over things like lightbulbs, stove elements and the trays under the elements.

    After a car was fire-bombed on the road HNZ said this small street had gang contacts and that they were a very tight knit community. Why did HNZ put a woman and very young child into this environment – I was given no choice of property even after they asked me what area I would like and this was not he area I chose.

    These peoples network extends into HNZ with maintenance workers etc. They are well looked after by HNZ – there is not equal treatment from HNZ in regards to maintenance and property work.

    This is a very small street yet there have been 3 houses selling drugs during our time here. Whenever police visit or something I always know we will be in for a round of neighbourly *special treatment* It has been the pattern and was very scary having these drug houses watching me like a hawk. There was even an incident at my daughters primary school during a performance for parents. The performance was stopped and the drugged/drunken disrupters who nobody knew and had no ties with school were asked to leave.

    And what about the *protection* rackets – “we protect you” “we keep the kids off your property” and if you don’t play the game things happen. It took me a while to twig to this racket! Kids are the excuse – behind the kids are the adults pulling the strings!

    I have to bite my lip all the time when some HNZ tenancy manager tells me what lovely people they are and fight back the tears of frustration over the powerlessness of my situation.

    Someone once called these people dumb – but that was a stupid statement – they only pretend to be dumb and simple. The reality is they (at least the chiefs and soldiers of the village) are extremely cunning. They know whats what and right from wrong. They have lived in these properties for so long they know each and every house like the back of their hand inside and out. I haven’t figured out why they go to church every week – but since when has being religious ever stopped a terrorist anyway!

    I have been told the rule around this area is “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” I am also told this is Mongrel mob territory – at the very least their supporters.

    I have asked and asked HNZ over the years for a different property in a different area – and finally after much arguing I was put on a list for transfer but only for a while – they somehow keep dropping you off the list. It is not healthy having to live like this knowing every time you go out that someone from this street is breaking into our house somehow and always wondering what they will do next. The effects on our health have been deep.

    There is more politics in this neighbourhood than in the whole of the Beehive. Sometimes over these years I have even wondered if politics is responsible behind the scenes – say some sort of social activism movement perhaps to gain something or more of something – Most in this neighbourhood act paranoid and suspicious particularly of anyone falling into the palangi pakeha category.

    So what do you do – I learnt at the beginning years back that HNZ are no help when you are one person up against a group – as you know the group will always be right even when they are wrong!

    Police perhaps? Not likely since they don’t feel it worth while they bother with petty crime and do not even bother with house burglaries and theft. They would have to do some leg work interviewing neighbours etc and well who can be bothered with that when you are a policeman. Everyone knows that policeman are counsellors these days anyway, so I couldn’t be too sure where their sympathies might lay – with victim or perpetrators. If I was younger I would emigrate like so many new zealanders did not long ago – perhaps that is why there is no middle class in New Zealand anymore.

    I should buy a lotto ticket every week but I just can’t imagine I would ever win so what’s the point – and lotto tickets aren’t $2 anymore.

    Well that’s my rambling moan off my chest now for the time being. The death of a close relative and this has left me tired and somewhat depressed over the last few years and I am so so so tired of it all.

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