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So it’s ok to break the law if you have a big heart?

Posted by pauaprincess on June 18, 2007

A woman who received more than $97,000 (nzd) in benefits over a period of 10 years was given a two year jail sentence with a two month deferral on bail with a curfew to apply for home detention today in Tauranga. (Read the story here)

Papamoa housewife Hazel Webster, 46 was given discount on her sentence for an early guilty plea, remorse and ill health.  In summing up the judge said,”Your offending seems to have been for your whanau rather than yourself,” ordering conditions after her release that included counselling or courses on budgeting, coping strategies and life skills.  Her husband is paying back the money on her behalf at $20 per week.  Webster’s lawyer Craig Tuck said the offending was not “greed in itself.” She was just running the household and supporting non-working adult children who lived with her, along with grandchildren.

Another Papamoa woman also appeared today accused of defrauding the Ministry of Social Development of just over $37,000. Tracy Lorraine Coker, 34, has been convicted of seven charges and remanded on bail for a pre-sentence report. She will be sentenced on July 3.

Do you think if she’d embezzelled that amount from the company she worked for the judge would have been as lenient?

The woman is 46 years old, a grandmother, with adult children who lived with her and collected unemployment and grandchildren who lived with her.  Her husband was working bringing in approx $600 pw and she went to the Winz office every year and claimed a single mother’s benefit! 

$600pw is more than my take home pay, about the same as my husbands take home pay in point of fact.  I work and we own our home in order to provide for all those little luxuries like sky tv and broadband.  We are working ourselves out of debt and are nearly clear.  It burns to think my taxes are supporting people like this. 

I am sick to death of supporting the lifestyles of generations of users and abusers.  People who bring up their children on welfare to become welfare recipients themselves.  Welfare is meant to be a stop gap for people who are in genuine need, not a career choice!  Why shouldn’t these bloodsucking parasites be sentenced like the criminals they are?


3 Responses to “So it’s ok to break the law if you have a big heart?”

  1. bee said

    freaking ridiculous. the tax payer is voiceless here. the government takes your money and lets some people misuse it.

  2. Yeah I don’t know what’s worse, when the Govt misuses it themselves or gives it away to ppl like this to go shopping with!

  3. Justine said

    I would much rather my taxpaying dollars being abused by ordinary nz families, than the government wasting it on bullshit law changes such as the anti smacking bill, and new police vests, that were ordered in the wrong size and end up costing us $800,000.

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