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What drives you nuts?

Posted by pauaprincess on June 18, 2007

 Dear Family,

What part of this is so hard? It’s called a tumble dryer for a reason idiots, the clothes have to have room to TUMBLE in the warm air so they dry!  Is that so very difficult? Does it make sense that if you load the friggen thing all the way to the top, so that nothing happens except a lump of wet towels go round and round without any tumbling action, they won’t dry properly?  Is it my fault washers come in 5kg size and dryers in 4kg? No! Just quit overloading the dryer and make me happy!

Am I the only person with the necessary intelligence to change a toilet paper roll around here?  It’s not that hard, slide the empty roll off, slide a fresh one on.  I don’t even care which way the paper is rolling, just change the bloody thing!  And another thing, what ARE you doing with all the toilet paper? This household consists of two males and two females, the males don’t use alot of it, or shouldn’t unless they have a bad case of the green apple squirts, so where is it all going? Where?

Stop squeezing the toothpaste in the middle, just stop it!

Don’t be putting bottles of juice, milk, water etc back in the refridgerator with less than 2mm of product because YOU can’t be bothered biffing it and opening a new one.  There’s no point leaving just enough for an elf to drink, despite the fact that you seem to think elves clean this place!

When the dogs and cat start following you around making noise, looking at you with melting eyes and drooling everytime you venture near the kitchen, it means they are hungry, feed them people! I don’t need to come home from work at 2am and have two dogs and a cat launching themselves at me whining they haven’t been fed!  Oh and just cos the fish and bird can’t follow you, doesn’t mean they don’t eat!

Why do you follow ME into the bathroom?  Can’t I even pee in peace?  Does every squabble NEED to be settled right then and there? You can’t wait 2 mins for me to come out?  What do you do when I am not around for God’s sake?


The crazy woman muttering in the corner!


Blog Update:

I subscribed to feed burner today, I got curious about how many people, if any, actually read my ravings.


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