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Youth Gangs, Scourge of Society or family substitute

Posted by pauaprincess on June 24, 2007

Last week I wrote about Sharon Salt and touched briefly on the reason she is being evicted from her state house, the DMS (Dope, Money,Sex) gang.  You can view the TV One report of the DMS gang at this link where they deny they are in a gang.  Judge for yourself, this is one of their online videos, Warning: judicious use of the F word, click at your peril:

A little google research turned up some interesting sights in relation to DMS, they use 33 as an insignia, doesn’t take a genius to work out C is the 3rd letter of the alphabet and 33 therefore affiliates them to Central Crips.  They wear blue, 1550687091a2953802527b198054347l.jpgwhich also affiliates them with the Crip family.  Other gangs use other numbers/letters to denote their localities/chapters, such as HK who affiliate themselves with the suburb of New Lynn, who use 827, the first 3 digits of telephone numbers in the New Lynn area.   Reading their websites on myspace and Bebo is something of an experience.  Most of the pages have memorials to those who lost their lives in the service of the gangs.  Lots of photos of them posing with their fellow gang members for photos and the text is a strange mix of caps and lower case with text spelling, which leads me to wonder how often they availed themselves of their free education, I’m not sure if its cool or they really have no idea how to spell.  These gangs model themselves on American Street Gangs, they wear the clothing, subscribe to the views put forth in music and the American gun culture.

So yes, despite their protestations, DMS are a gang who inhabit Rangeview Rd, causing unrest and mayhem.  More specifically they hang out around Sharon Salts residence and she has done nothing about it.  Sharon Salt is fighting her eviction.  This is the link to the latest story on the re hearing.

The fact is, more and more of our youths internationally are turning to gangs as a substitute for family.  This has to stop.  Police can only do so much, parents need to take action and take a lot more responsibility.  It isn’t good enough for Sharon Salt to say her boys are adults and make their own choices, they make choices based upon the upbringing she afforded them.  Sharon does nothing about them hanging around her property and supports them against the neighbours and the law.  Perhaps if, when Sharons boys first began being brought home by the Police, as they surely would have been for disorder, their own safety, shoplifting etc, Sharon had supported the laws of the land and properly supervised her children, this wouldn’t be happening now.

A few weeks ago I was out on a ride along with the Police in a different area.  Responding to a disorder call we located a group of boys and girls, the youngest being 11.  They were tipping over bins, making lots of noise and when approached were aggressive and rude.  The girls in the group were taken home for their own safety.  I have never seen such foul mouthed and disrespectful children in my life and their mother was no better, swearing at Police and mouthing off.  This is the sort of attitude Police have against them in trying to deal with troubled youths who end up in such gangs.  I’ve no doubt the girls in question will become solo mothers, gang ho’s and drug addicts, you can see it clearly in their complete lack of respect for everything and everyone, including sadly, themselves!

 As parents it is our responsibility to ensure our children don’t lack for a sense of belonging and don’t need to join a gang.  To give our children structure, balance, boundaries and morality. 

Moreover, while American culture has some outstanding history and culture, this is not America and there is no need for the youth of New Zealand to emulate a distructive American counter culture.  How proud they must feel of themselves, copying American Murderers and Murdering themselves, just because they heard about it in a song.  Where is the pride in self? The pride in our nation?


15 Responses to “Youth Gangs, Scourge of Society or family substitute”

  1. Kathryn said

    You go girl!! It’s good to get the other side of the story out there.
    Thanks also for being my techno-wiz!!

  2. Entirely welcome, hope it worked.

  3. Jess said

    It’s sad to say but I can name most of the boys in that DMS video, at some point in time they’ve been visiters in my house, as i have 4 teenage boys aged between 19-13 but unlike Sharon Salt I was aware of this and was quick to discourage these friendships and even sent my oldest son to kings Collage to finish high school as he was starting to become to invovled with the Salts and DMS and is now in japan playing rugby.

    Most of their parents are very nice people who are at their witts end, struggling to lay boundries however Sharon is the exception to this she is convinced her children are being picked on and lets her children run riot and it’s not just 1 or 2 it’s 4 or 5 of the 10.

  4. Was her name hoft/hoeft at any point do you know?

  5. john said

    fuk dah DMS

  6. James said

    Hi Paua Princess, I came across your blog by accident and must say what a shocker it is seeing the vitriolic replies to your post. To all you wannabe gang members, whoever you are, I’d like to see you when you’re old men and women, if you ever live that long. What gang will you belong to then? Will you be owners or renters? Will you have good law abiding families or will they be sucking the system dry like I suspect you are, unable to spell and hiding their insecurities behind their swear words, finger signs, fake names and hate? How can you own a hood if you don’t pay taxes to live there or a mortgage and rates? Your sense of ownership over ‘the hood’ is all in your mind. You own nothing, not even the consequences of your immature behaviour.

  7. scam said

    What a complete and utter load of crap !!!, you guys seriously need to harden up, get a job and move up in life.
    Plenty of people don’t have a great start in life and push through the sh*t, no use blaming others … they’re not going to help, they are to busy moving up, getting over the bullshit and hate that is consuming “YOUR” life.

    Some of the hardest blokes i know wouldnt even know how to turn a computer on, and you guys are larging it up on the net.
    You’ll wake up in a few years time and wonder why you wasted so much time doing nothing. We all know – 98% of your day is boring and unrewarding.

    Stop blaming others and look outside the square fellas!!!

  8. mad respect said

    props 2 these peeps sticking up foa da law abiding citizens. and yes i can spell propaly jus can’t be bothered. faster doin text spellin. and yeah. all u wanna be GEES?? youz needa grow sum nuts and recognise man. i admit. i used to roll like yous. till i hit 18 and realised i aynt got shit. even on a hustlers pay roll. trust me yous can make more a week at new world than selling weed on a corner. wat u see on the movies is all shit. u dont roll in doe wen u start hustlin. unless ur top dog. buh u neva make it to top dog kos nun ov yous know howta hustle propali.

    my opinion. leave the thug life shit for the U.S. stop tryna act hard cause you wit ur boys. take away the colours, take away your boys, and then its just you. think about it. your familys the only ones that really have your back. once you lose that. you lose everything. you think your boys will have your back when your homeless?? wen u got no cash ta buy alc or weed?? think bout it. yous got much ta learn. realise it now before its 2 late….


  10. God loves yhuu ! ! said

    shaxs theas a whole lot of haters up in here . all i got to say is, dont waste the life god gave you to be in gangs . i know theas a whole lot of yhuz so called “ganstas” whu go to church but who are in gangs . i reakn its just a waste of time for youz to actually go to church . judgement days comming and the way youz are living your lives , awwww mahn its just nowguds aye . bt yahr , its your guys lives , its up to youz how youz live it , i cant judge youz . bt yahr , make the ryte decisions ! ! ! GOD BLESS YOU ALL ! ! !

    GOD LOVES YHU ! ! ! .


    fucc sll tha haters, we puttin it down fo CENTRAL. DONT MESS SUCCA-LEATHAL LOC CRIPS-LAC OF ATENTTION-2CEEZ33 !

  12. T A U L I I said

    Haterz these days !

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  14. cedar said

    these tongan cowards are nothing compared to real gz out south and west auckland. they are just numbers. no heart or balls. samoan bloods all day everyday, fuck central fuck ckrabs and fuck tonga! nuff said.

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