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Noise complaint stops church bells!

Posted by pauaprincess on June 29, 2007

What next? First it was the residents of Western Springs in Auckland successfully using council noise control laws to all but shut down the speedway that has been in the area far longer than they have, now a noise complaint to the Christchurch City Council is stopping church bells ringing!

What is the matter with these people? They move into an area like Western Springs, knowing full well they are moving into a neighbourhood with a speedway track/arena that puts on concerts etc and proceed to have it all shut down due to noise.  Why did they move there?

We once had a house that backed on to railway tracks, the noise from the trains intruded at the worst possible moments but we knew the tracks were there when we brought the house!  We didn’t attempt to stop the trains!  Seriously you move into a neighbourhood with a church, expect to hear church bells and quit your whining!  Same goes with speedway, sports parks, zoos or any other neighbourhood feature.

In the case of the church bells, they ran for 33 seconds every Sunday.  For 33 seconds once a week these morons couldn’t put up with the sound of a church bell? GET A LIFE!



One Response to “Noise complaint stops church bells!”

  1. chriswager said

    I agree
    Too often the few decide for the many. The winds of change are comeing..

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