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Raw Fish (aka Poisson Cru)

Posted by pauaprincess on July 2, 2007

Raw fish is a pretty common sight at parties, bbqs etc here in Aotearoa.  While we call it raw fish, it is actually marinated in either lemon or lime juice.  This is the way I was taught to make raw fish, I make it without a written recipe.


1 can cocoanut cream (low fat is fine)
2-3 fillets of Snapper or an equivilent white fleshed fish with delicate flavour I often use a local variety called Terakii
2-3 lemons/limes either works I prefer lemon
1 red onion
1 red pepper (capsicum)
1 green pepper (capsicum)
1 tomato


Cut the fish into cubes approx 1cm in size (just under half an inch)
put into a glass bowl (don’t use metal the acid in the lemon and metal react and taint the fish)
Squeeze lemon juice over fish about half a cup to 3/4 of a cup of lemon juice
Cover and stand in the refridgerator for a couple of hours, stir and recover stand for about 4 hrs minimum or until fish whitens.  It’s better if left overnight.
Cube the tomato, peppers, onion and stir into the fish.
Stir in the cocoanut cream, you will have to taste as you go, you need to get the tang of lemon mixed with the creamy cocoanut.
Serve chilled and enjoy as a side dish at a bbq.  It’s a lovely texture and counterpoint to charred meat and salad.

8 Responses to “Raw Fish (aka Poisson Cru)”

  1. Tipene said


  2. Miss Peipi said

    Thank you my dad used too make it like this, cant wait to try it! thank you 🙂

  3. lini said

    i use cream instead it smells better sometimes the can coconut cream just dont do justice to the real thing

  4. Nikki said

    LEGEND – have been looking online for this.

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    […]Raw Fish (aka Poisson Cru) « The Paua Palace[…]…

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  8. Wayne said

    Hello Sharon, I see u dint mention salt, is there a reason 4 it.

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