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Victory for Sharon Salt is a loss for society in general…

Posted by pauaprincess on July 3, 2007

Even the most basic tenancy agreements contain a clause to Not disturb the neighbours or Landlords other tenants.  You would think it would be fairly simple, in the case of the Salt house or more correctly the housing NZ house tenanted by the Salt family; the fact that 7 neighbours,  4 Police Officers and a Housing NZ representative attested at the hearing, that members of Sharon Salt’s family were indeed disturbing the neighbours, with loud parties, intimidating behavior, gang visitors and so forth, and that this had been an ongoing situation for some years, you would think that would be a breach of the tenancy agreement sufficient to guarantee eviction.  It wasn’t! 

dms.jpgThe Tenancy Tribunal have ruled there was insufficient evidence to terminate the tenancy.  You have to wonder what sort of lobotomy is required to sit on the Tribunal and make such rulings.  There is no requirement to prove a majority of the neighbourhood was disturbed and while Sharon Salt takes the Mission Impossible attitude with regard to her children, in that she disavows any knowledge or responsibility for their activities, the fact remains that while living under her roof they were within her control and she as the tenant had the sole responsibility to ensure that the terms of her agreement were honoured, clearly she did not.  She has allegedly kicked the troublemakers to touch since the beginning of the hearings.  For how long?  Take a look at that picture and say this is not a gang!  Tell me you will be happy to have that party going on next door with people coming and going at all hours.

In addition, Sharon has lodged 5 complaints to the Police Complaints Authority.  Sharon alleges the Police Helicopter Eagle has circled her house 15 times this year alone and that makes her feel persecuted.  Honey they circle my house every weekend, its a helicopter, they make a pretty wide circle and it only makes me feel safer to know they are there! But then I don’t harbour criminals, perhaps therein lies the difference. 

When will the productive, law abiding citizens of this country get a fair deal?  How long can we be expected to support the chosen lifestyle of career benefit bludgers? Why should we pay with our tax money for a lifestyle of crime, drugs and parties that last all week while we toil?  When are these people going to be made to take responsiblity for themselves, their lives and their offspring?  Enough is enough!

Housing NZ have to take some of the blame here, HNZ tenancies should be for fixed terms, nobody should be living in a state owned house for 20 odd years, producing child after child they cannot afford.  Benefits should also be for fixed terms when they are for unemployment and Work and Income should be following up to ensure that nobody makes a benefit their career, ACC manage to get people back into the workforce.   The youth justice system should be dealing out harsher penalties to youths who commit crimes of violence and intimidation to ensure that a lesson is learned prior to turning 17 and coming under the adult system, Family Group Conferences only work when the family of the offender is committed to turning them around, how many FGC’s does it take to work out these offenders need a harsh penalty, to suffer some deprivation of comfort to learn their lesson?  They don’t need some stringy haired, tree hugging advocate extolling the victims to pity them, they need some discipline and guidence and the system is failing them with leniency.

It’s time to bully the bullies. 


Go the Black Boat!!

Good luck and Good Sailing Team NZ from the Paua Palace!

Emirates Team NZ


We know you can do it!

While I wish I were in ValeNZia these pics are from the official site Go visit it and see more!


4 Responses to “Victory for Sharon Salt is a loss for society in general…”

  1. bee said

    the wingers. i’m looking for them. lol. did they slink away?

  2. Lol on the do we hate America post 🙂

  3. Aida said

    well she won and her family still has a home 🙂

  4. Walter said

    If you call that winning.

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