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The dumbing down of a nation?

Posted by pauaprincess on July 8, 2007

This article in the Herald on Sunday caught my eye:

“An internationally recognised expert on intelligence warns New Zealand children could get dumber in three or four generations unless women with higher education started producing more babies.”

Otago University emeritus professor Dr Jim Flynn was commenting on census figures that show mothers without a higher education were the anchor of New Zealand’s current fertility rate.

“Everyone knows if we only allowed short people to reproduce there would be a tendency in terms of genes for height to diminish. Intelligence is no different from other human traits,” he told the Sunday Star-Times.

Now higher education generally refers to tertiary education, I wasn’t aware that one was required to earn a degree to be intelligent.  Quite frankly, some of the stupidest people I know hold multiple degrees and some of the wisest people I know left school at 14.

In addition, haven’t some of our most esteemed minds in history, come from humble beginnings, with parents who were barely, if at all educated?  Somehow they managed to attain a measure of intelligence.

Apparently at 73 Dr Flynn is too old to worry about offending people.   Obviously dementia is setting in!  They do say that a lack of inhibition is a reliable indicator of dementia.  If it’s not medically explainable, then sadly this esteemed professor in an exalted position is feeling secure enough to show his true colours;

  • He’s an intellectual snob that lacks a brain/mouth filter. 

  • Or maybe he’s just a chauvanistic tosser that wants all those “intelligent young gels” to get their degrees and then get back to being barefoot and pregant, in the kitchen where they belong and leave those high paying, highly intelligent jobs to the men.

One would imagine, that someone of his age and alleged intelligence, would have more sense than to verbalize such ridiculous ideas, let alone publicise them to the media in any case.



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