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Weather Bomb, the current effects of Climate Change

Posted by pauaprincess on July 12, 2007

Just the other day, someone commented on the post “are we jealous or do we hate America and why” that I was at the very least, naive to believe in the concept of global warming and the faulty science of the theory.

Well I have just slept for 12 hours straight following working two nights during a weather event known colloquially as a weather bomb.  My husband was deployed with Civil Defense to assist local fire crews.  Being part of emergency services, I too was under an obligation to work and work I did, very hard.

kaeo.jpgNew Zealand has since mid June alone, experienced Blizzard conditions in the South Island, Tornado’s at the bottom of the North Island, and now flooding and severe storm conditions in the top half of the North Island. A state of Emergency was declared in Taranaki when up to 9 tornados hit the region in a 24 hour period. In Northland a state of Emergency still exists, roads are closed due to flooding and debris, thousands of people have spent the past two days without power, water and phones, roofs were ripped off and homes are uninhabitable. On the Thames/Coromandel coast, roads are closed, power is off and much the same situation exists.

This sort of weather event didn’t happen a decade ago, twenty years ago we didn’t live under a hole in the Ozone layer either.  A lot of things were different with the weather 20 years ago.

We are experiencing the affect of climate change, clearly, even as a layperson I can see that. Our weather patterns have changed, Summer which began in December when I was young, now doesn’t really start until February temperature wise. Winter’s are becoming more severe, colder, wetter and storms are more frequent.

Tornados were a rare event that hit in randoms spots once every couple of years. 9 in one day? That is unheard of. Whether this climate change is the result of global warming or simply the natural aging of the planet, I don’t know. I do know the boffins were right about the hole in the Ozone layer though, why shouldn’t they be right about global warming and who is to say the companies that make money out of us polluting the atmosphere aren’t funding studies that debunk global warming?

I do know polluting the atmosphere can’t be helping at all and it’s in our best interests to prevent it if we can.  America and Australia won’t ratify the Kyoto Protocol because of the potential effect on their economies. Meanwhile, we suffer the possible affects.

Is it going to take a dozen or so more Katrina’s to wake the citizens of the USA? Does Australia need even less rain to make it clear to them? Sometimes I wish mother nature would take it to the detractors personally, so they too can experience the full force of natures fury instead of flying over it in helicopters and turning a catastrophe into a photo oppotunity, having been on holiday, playing guitar and eating cake while the little people suffered, they were safe and eating cake. Let’s see what they’d have to say about ratifying Kyoto and the economy if a tornado struck the Whitehouse or Canberra suffered a weatherbomb.

It’s all about prioritising for the long term, what is more important economy or survival?

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