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Growing up politically incorrect

Posted by pauaprincess on July 13, 2007

Once upon a time in the late 60’s/early 70’s, in a land far far away, in the furtherest reaches of the Southern Hemisphere, live a tiny little paua princess. Sometimes, on Saturday nights she would stay with her Grandparents when her parents went out. On a Sunday morning, bright and early, her grandfather would get up and clatter around in the kitchen, starting breakfast. The wee princess would clamber into bed with her grandmother and listen to the stories on the “wireless” her grandfather kept beside his bed.Sunday morning was story time for children in those days, so that parents could have a sleep in without being bothered by their offspring. The princess would listen to Diana and the Golden Apple, Sparky and the Train and her favorite story …. Little Black Sambo who tricked the tigers into not eating him and eventually melting into butter and were made into pancakes.

The wee princess went to kindy and then school. She played with boys and girls, they hugged and kissed, nobody thought it was wrong that they did that. There were children from the Pacific Islands, Asians, Maori’s and of European heritage mixed with some children who had immigrated from England. To the children, they were just boys and girls, that was the only difference they saw. The children all went to school with bare feet, ate a similar lunch of two jam/marmite or peanut butter sandwiches, 3 cookies and a peice of fruit for lunch. Nobody was allergic to peanuts and nobody was too fat or too thin. Children got teased and bullied but were told to sort out their differences. Teachers spent their time teaching children how to read, write and do maths.

Fathers went to work, Mother’s stayed home and looked after the children. It was safe to walk the streets, indeed children stayed out for hours on end, during school holidays their Mother’s barely saw them apart from to get a sandwich. They ran around in bathing suits, played by streams and creeks, played on the road, rode bikes without helmets, played with firecrackers and roamed for miles around. All without grown up supervision. They played games of Cowboys and Indians, Cops and Robbers and Doctors and Nurses. They played Mummies and Daddies. Girls played with dolls and boys played with cars and that was the way it was. When they grew up, the boys would be Doctors, Mechanics, Lawyers, Electricians etc and the girls would be Teachers, Secretary’s, Nurses and Mummies. When kids came home from school, if their Mother’s were out, they played outside till they got home. They learned responsibility by taking care of their younger siblings.

My how times have changed.

In the mid 90’s when the Princeling was a toddler, Little Black Sambo was deemed racist. Golliwogs were banned from toytown and replaced with Monkeys (nobody but me saw that as insulting?) even Goldilocks was locked into a helpless female stereotype that was deemed politically incorrect.

When a little girl at kindy and the Princeling kissed, her mother and I got called in to speak to the teachers because our children were behaving “inappropriately for their age”? Doctors and Nurses are a No No they’d probably get expelled for that.

When kids are playing cowboys in the park, bystanders call the Police because they have guns.

If someone sees kids with no adult around, playing happily, they call CYFS or the Police. Children can’t be without adult supervision, at all.

They filled in the local waterhole, because 3 children drowned over a span of 11 years.

Kids wear bike helmets to ride tricycles, the Police recommend they don’t ride on the road, yet it is illegal for them to ride on the footpath and because they are under 18, guess who pays the infringement fee?

Teachers now supervise childrens lunchboxes. Certain foods are banned, no cookies, no chippies and kids are obese. Teachers barely have time to teach lessons and our falling literacy rates are a testament to the fact teachers spend more time parenting our children than we do.

Mum’s and Dad’s work now, kids go from school to after school care and then home.

Naughty children become criminal youths, there are no consequences for their actions. The Police can do very little and their parents even less.

While in some aspects times have changed for the better, in other’s it is for the worse. I don’t feel harmed by growing up in a politically incorrect society. As a child I never saw golliwogs or little black sambo in my playmates, the rhymes and sayings I wouldn’t teach my children today were well above my head. We had a lot more freedom, less worries and more safety in our lives in some cases, on the other hand, cyfs could have helped me out a lot for a few years there. I think it’s wrong that children can’t hug and kiss each other anymore, that a lot of their innocent play is seen as inappropriate, there is a fine line and I don’t know whether it is better to err on the side of caution or if we are putting ideas into childrens heads.

I don’t have the answers but there has to be a balance out there somewhere that we can eventually strike, that allows children to learn responsibility without putting too much on them, that allows them rights without taking away parental responsibility and giving it to third parties.

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2 Responses to “Growing up politically incorrect”

  1. Kathryn said

    Yeah being let loose outside to play all day didn’t do me any harm. Did it??

  2. ummmmmmm lol

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