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It’s all about responsibility

Posted by pauaprincess on July 15, 2007

Although you wouldn’t know it.

First thing that hit my eyes in the paper this morning, 18yr old leaves poodle locked in car on a hot day, the RSPCA attend and prosecute and deservedly so. But NO! This family is bitter about the fact they did. Apparently the RSPCA should be prosecuting people in South Auckland who really mistreat their animals. I’m sorry, the stupid, thoughtless b**** left a dog in a car, in the middle of summer, without so much as cracking a window! She totally deserved to be convicted for her actions.

Perhaps she should be dressed in fur and baked like the Animal protection officer said. I don’t know what’s worse, people who intentionally harm animals or idiots like her who spend $15,000 to get off a conviction they fully deserve! Take responsibility damn it! How much do you want to bet her Daddy will pay the fine?

Second pathetic excuse: a 20 yr old man who carjacked some poor helpless person, blames it on Grand Theft Auto, the video game. Now someone stupid enough to try and blame a video game for their crimes deserves a kick in the head! Hello Doofus, you are too stupid to breathe, do us all a favour and stop why don’t ya? That’s not a defense, it’s totally abdicating responsibility and claiming your brain is owned by Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft. My 10 year old has more sense. Dammit stand up, be a man and take responsibility. You did it because you wanted to and if you really think a jury is going to buy anything else, you’re dumber than my pet rock!

Third story that I read and this one gave me some hope for the future. A 5 year old with more maturity, spirit and bravery than either of the aforementioned supposed adults. Talk about heart breaking. Reef Coombes lost both her parents in one hit on Saturday and survived a collision with a freight train at a level crossing on State Highway 1. Reef told her aunt on the telephone, “My Mummy and Daddy are dead and I’ve got to be strong.” My heart goes out to that brave little girl. If anyone deserves a break, it’s that little girl.

Finally; The Top Gear Redneck Video. What a laugh! I’ve waited 5 months for the new series and boy was it worth it!  This video should be an instructional guide roflmao!

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