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My Brother’s Keeper?

Posted by pauaprincess on July 17, 2007

There comes a point where, for the sake of your own safety and sanity, that you sometimes give up on family or certain portions of it.

This story in the paper yesterday about chef Gordon Ramsay is a classic example.  The headline caught my eye: Star big brother ‘ignores’ pleas from cell.  It seems Ronald Ramsay, two years younger than the foul mouthed celebrity chef is languishing in an Indonesian Jail, facing up to 10 years for herion possession.  Ronnie claims his big brother has refused his pleas for aid.  It would seem that over the years Gordon helped him in a number of ways, including spending more than 300, 000 pounds on rehabilitation, accommodation and job training.  It’s not like Gordon has dissed his entire family either, he’s close to his mother and sisters.  So perhaps this is a spot of tough love for Ronnie?  Perhaps, just perhaps the celebrity in this particular case, isn’t being a spoiled, overpaid, dork.  Perhaps he thinks this will force the errant Ronnie to stand on his own two feet, kick his addiction and become a responsible person?  Perhaps Gordon feels he has done all he can?

God knows, you can only help those who want to be helped.  In this day and age, is there anyone out there who doesn’t at least know someone that has dedicated their life to drugs?  You try everything, talking to them, picking up after them and helping them out in any way you can.  In return, they steal your stuff, put you and others at risk and diss you to anyone with ears.  At some point you realise, you can’t make them better, you can’t make them give up the meth,cocaine, heroin, you can’t save them…. only they can do that.  You have to cut them out of your life, for your own good, if not theirs.

What I cannot believe, is that Ronnie Ramsay’s last ditch attempt to use his elder brother has made international news, entertainment section but still.  This is a merely an attempt to use his brother one more time and I hope Ramsay treats it with the contempt it deserves and ignores it.  There is no need for him to defend himself.

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