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Sticks and Stones

Posted by pauaprincess on July 21, 2007

I’m beginning to get a little following, nothing major, I’m hardly in the league of Violent Acres or the infamous Mommy Bloggers, nor do I pretend to be, although it would be nice to have thousands of people submitting my every paragraph to digg or reddit, to be a technorati favorite. I do thank the people who stumble across my words and stick around. We all want our 15 minutes of fame, anyone who suggests otherwise is most likely a liar.

Having read lately of people fired for blogging, for sending or even forwarding off colour emails at work or employment prospects hampered due to keeping a private myspace or facebook record of their adventures through college, I wonder about the price of cyber fame.

While I don’t blog at work and never forward off colour emails, it’s still a scary world out there, you can attract cyber stalkers that track you down into real life, as Rachel North found out. You can have a legion of Mommy bloggers out for your blood. At best some loon gets abusive in your comments section and comes on all cyber psycho.

Well I’ve had a loon in the comments, it wasn’t so bad and actually entertained me, albeit briefly, if it was meant to put me down or scare me it didn’t work. I am too worldly to be intimidated by losers who can’t use the spell check function to figure out the difference between Dessert and Desert.

Speaking of the spell check function, I’m sick to the back teeth of it trying to tell me colour, centre and tyre are wrong, despite my settings ticked for English spelling, not American! That little red wiggly line drives me round the proverbial bend! What is the point of having the English spelling option if it’s just going to be ignored?

Well off to hockey, did you know that hockey is never canceled due to the weather? Neither did I till after the Princeling joined up! At least with Rugby on a rainy Saturday morning, I had the chance of a sleep in. It’s an ominously gray sky today and my only comfort is that Hockey games are played at a semi decent hour and I don’t have to get up in the dark!

12:16am 22 July

I’ve just finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Wow.

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