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Pardon me America, you’re insecurity is showing!

Posted by pauaprincess on July 23, 2007

Nobody likes to think they are disliked, it’s basic human insecurity, we all want to be loved.

We’d all like to think our country is best and full of the bravest, morally upright human beings on the planet. But what happens when your blinders are removed and your country is exposed as the class bully?

9/11 was a huge wake up call for American’s, or so it would seem. Like a reverse Sally Field at the OSCARS they came to realize, They hate us, they really hate us! Initially, they comforted themselves with the notion that it was the terrorists that hated them and those terrorists were humanity’s aberrations. Democracy hating heathens who placed little or no value on human life. It was an attack on Freedom!

The ensuing years however have merely served to open the curtains to a knowledge they’d rather not have. America’s allies aren’t to fond of them either. What’s worse is, that American’s themselves are being held to account for their countries actions.

Listening to criticism of your country is difficult, but being held accountable for the actions of administrations past and current is, it would seem impossible.

Rather than listening and learning, it is easier make up excuses. You’re jealous of our freedom they bluster, as Dubya signs yet another bill infringing upon their constitutional rights. You’ll come whining back to us when the Terrorists take over! they shout, ignoring the fact that terrorism had nothing to do with invading Iraq. We protected you! they whimper, not realizing or maybe caring, that America is currently seen as the biggest threat to world peace there is. If America is so bad why do you all want to live here? They shout at people who have no intention of immigrating.

It’s easier you see, preferable to believe that people who already have freedom and democracy have none. Comforting to believe that the “terrorists” hate us all equally, rather than for our affiliation with them. Better to believe in their past glories than their current aggressive pose. It’s infinitely more palatable to believe we all wish we were there, despite us being perfectly happy where we are.

Nobody wants a well lit mirror showing all their flaws in detail.

The questions that need to be asked of proud American’s are still being asked though, much to their chagrin.

  • Are you proud to be the words largest polluter?
  • Are you proud you had the power to scuttle the Kyoto Protocol?
  • Are you proud to be part of a nation that commits human rights atrocities?
  • How do you feel to have impeached one President for an extra marital affair, yet let the next have a second term despite being a pathological liar who invaded another country?
  • Do you like being equated with the despotic regimes that failed to sign the Rome Treaty and become part of the World Court?
  • Are you pleased to be seen as believing your country is above world law? That crimes against humanity shouldn’t apply to your country?
  • Are you proud to be known as ignorant, arrogant, egocentric bullies?

Once upon a time, although America itself may have been disliked, in general as the Western world saw it, the good things America did, outweighed the bad. That time is gone.

America is not, despite the belief of it’s general populace, the sole defining exemplar of good.

America does not get to define what is democracy, justice and freedom, for the rest of the worlds inhabitants.

America has flaws and acknowledging that, would go along way towards healing the attitude of it’s detractors. Standing up and being counted would go even further. Pursuing justice against George W Bush, might even heal the rift. Because believe it or not, the world wants to see America take responsible actions as befit it’s world stature.

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