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Christian Prejudice? or Just plain Prejudice?

Posted by pauaprincess on July 28, 2007

Pastor Stuart Robinson author of Mosques and Miracles is visiting Auckland this week, spreading the word to Christians to stand up against what he says is a Muslim push to take over the world.

Mr Robinson teaches that Muslims are taught that they are the best people and want to take over the whole world.

Hey pot! The kettle called, it left a message saying you’re black!

Apparently it’s different if you are a follower of Jesus.  Mr Robinson says Muslim theology “teaches that war has to be prosecuted against the infidel until the day of judgment when Jesus Christ returns”. But Christianity offers salvation only through belief.

Ummm ok so I am to believe that Muslims are on a mission to convert me or obliterate me.  So how come it wasn’t a group of Muslim children knocking on my door during the school holidays two weeks ago wanting me to let them in so they could talk to me about God?  How come Tele evangelists are Christians?  I’ve yet to see well dressed Muslims bicycling around the city on their “mission” to convert and I’ve yet to have tell a Muslim that buttonholes me on a Sunday afternoon in my driveway to save me, that I am a devil worshipper and I’ll gladly use him as my latest human sacrifice, just to make him go away and let me wash my car in peace.

Threatened much Christians?  It’s ok for Christians to convert people, but no other religion can?

What a load of crap!

In answer to Mr Robinson’s closed conferences, we also have rebel British MP, George Galloway visiting, holding open meetings about Islamophobia.  Mr Galloway points out that New Zealands 45,000 Muslim’s are moderate and law abiding fellow citizens.

Probably a good thing, but I doubt any of Mr Robinson’s narrow minded, bigoted audience will be leaving his conference to attend Mr Galloway’s.

As Mr Galloway points out, this kind of anti Muslim propaganda soon becomes self fulfilling prophecy; “If you generate hatred against Muslims, you will get a reaction from young Muslims seeking to defend their community.” and who could blame them?

Sometimes I wonder about the wisdom of Free Speech, when people like Mr Robinson can jet into our country and spread hate and distrust, then fly away leaving us to deal with the consequences.

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4 Responses to “Christian Prejudice? or Just plain Prejudice?”

  1. Kitsap said

    Religion hurts the world much more then it helps.
    Xtian dogma is some scary @ss $hit!
    I was a born again Xtian for over 40 years. No more.

    This is an excellent article:

  2. Who was it said religion is the opiate of the masses?

  3. panoramia said

    It was Karl Marx:

    “Die Religion … ist das Opium des Volkes” … meaning religion is the opium of the people.

    (Before you get all impressed, I cheated and asked Google)

  4. i know that girl passwords

    Christian Prejudice? or Just plain Prejudice? « The Paua Palace

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