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Corporal Punishment Debate Re-ignited

Posted by pauaprincess on July 31, 2007

Whilst the country reels from the Child Abuse cases of two Rotorua families, another debate has quietly resurfaced.

The results of a survey conducted by the Primary Teachers Association was released, which shows 1/3rd of teachers in NZ schools have been assaulted by students.

Spokesman Bob McCoskrie says the soft line on school discipline is not working.

McCoskrie says the current generation of children are simply part of a social experiment that is not going very well. He says people who campaigned for the abolition of corporal punishment believed it would mean an end to violence in schools, but it has turned out to be a failure.

Ironic when you consider we just passed a law preventing parents from using physical punishment on their children.

I grew up in the era of corporal punishment in schools.  In Primary School persistent and disrespectful offenders were sent to the Principals office, where it was rumored he kept the “strap” in a big pickle jar full of vinegar with rusty nails!  I don’t know if it was true, I was a good girl.  I never got the strap or the cane, I only ever got detention a couple of times and that was at high school.

My elder brother did though, he got the cane in high school in the 4th form, (age 14) for fighting.  Suffice to say after “6 of the best” he never put himself into a position to get it again.  There’s something to be said for that.  It definitely didn’t harm him irrevocably, he admits he fully deserved his punishment.

I’d hate to be a teacher in this day and age.  Respect for elders is just not something that is inherent in today’s youth and I am not sure why that is.  I would have never talked back to an adult, let alone assaulted a teacher, it’s not because I was smacked either. It’s because I was taught to respect authority, don’t have to necessarily like it, but I can respect it.  I hope I am teaching that to my children.

As Mr McCoskrie said, today’s generation are the subjects of a social experiment that isn’t working very well.

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3 Responses to “Corporal Punishment Debate Re-ignited”

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    Thank you


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  3. Brendan said

    Do it if it makes you feel better. But, in my experience, it won’t make any difference. Treating violence with violence sends a message, but it’s the wrong one. Today’s school kids will take it as a license to escalate their anti-socail behaviour.

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