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The oh so Anonymous Internet that isn’t

Posted by pauaprincess on August 3, 2007

I hang out on a few discussion boards, where we talk about various topics, politics, family etc. 

Over the years I have made a number of friends.  Some of them I maintain online contact with, others I have met in real life and for the most part, they are genuine people who present in life, the same way they present on the net with the exception of their name.  Occasionally, you meet a freaky weirdo, an attention seeking drama queen or king. 

Someone who uses the anonymity of the www to create a persona. To create an entire existence for themselves  to garner attention mostly negative or gain acceptance.  The type of loser who isn’t content to be a secretary, they have to be PA to the CEO of a large multinational, can’t have happy kids, they have to be dying of some dreaded illness and they can’t be in a stable relationship, it has to be full of high octane drama. 

They hop from board to board, chat room to chat room creating mayhem and discord till they are banned or unmasked, by some savvy person, because they go too far or lose track of their elaborate lies. 

I have to wonder, what the hell is wrong with someone like that?  Is their life so dull and utterly meaningless that they are forced to seek the attention of strangers? 

Are they so bitter and twisted that nobody in their real life will associate with them?

What kind of losers are these?

The WWW isn’t as big as it appears.  We get repeats, the same people appearing with different names and stories that turn out to be the same, only they are caught quicker and different communities even band together to expel the loser liars.  It’s something akin to an old fashioned tar and feathering, the loser gets driven from the chat room on a virtual rail.

Mob rule on the internet?  Well at least nobody gets physically hurt and it’s a source of virtual excitement for a while. 

We all love a bit of drama.

Only I wonder, what happens when their family or boss find out? 


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